Elowen’s 4 month update

Elowen’s 4 month update


My little Smoosh is a pretty happy and content little thing most of the time. Despite the fact she is currently going through the dreaded 4th leap *gulp*, aside from a few fussy evenings, she’s been pretty chilled out.

She always falls asleep if she’s in the pram and it’s the best way to get her to nap if she’s fighting sleep. If she’s not snoozing when out for our walks, she looks up at me from the carrycot and gives me beaming smiles.

She’s fascinated by her big sister and stares at Jasmine intently whenever she’s in the room.

She’s also ‘found her voice’ this month. Holy moly, that girl can shriek.

As well as finding her voice, she’s also found her thumb – she’s a thumb-sucker!

She had her third set of jabs this morning – they are never much fun and I hate hearing her cry. Luckily, I was able to get a smile out of her a few minutes afterwards. At least that’s them done and dusted for a while!


I last took Elowen to be weighed on the 8th March (15 weeks +3 days old) and she weighed 13lbs 13oz. The health worker pointed out that E had dropped percentiles on her chart. I came home feeling really negative and a bit like I was failing her. I did a bit of research online and found out that those charts are based on formula fed babies. The Health worker didn’t even bother to ask me how I was feeding Elowen! Anyway, I’m less bothered about it now – E is healthy, gaining weight and outgrowing her clothes. I think she’s doing just fine. (Here’s one of the articles I read about the difference in weight gain in BF and FF babies.)

E is in size 3 nappies and 3-6 month clothes.


I said in Elowen’s 3 month update that she had giggled… once! Well, it took a couple more weeks since that happened but now she giggles lots. Especially if I tickle her or kiss her neck. She has the cheekiest little laugh ever. I am in love with it!

I also mentioned that I thought her bottom teeth were coming through. They haven’t yet but they’re certainly making progress. She’s had some awful teething episodes over the last few weeks. As she was still so young I was limited as to what I could give her. My friend Daisy suggested trying some breast milk ice lollies to help take away the teething pain and they were a massive hit.

Elowen can now grasp at her toys and quite enjoys short periods of time laying on her playmat. She will grab the toys that hang down over her and will either shake them or try to put them in her mouth.


Despite my ‘wobble’ last month, I’m still exclusively breastfeeding Elowen. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m not going to introduce a bottle or formula for the time being. I could be cutting off my nose in spite of my face but I just cannot be bothered with expressing and sterilising bottles. I’m not even sure if E would take to a bottle now anyway, I suspect probably not.


Sleep? What even is that? I’m not sure if Elowen is having a growth spurt or sleep regression but it feels like she is up every couple of hours for a feed at the moment. It is slaying me! I’ve been going to bed about 9pm most nights just so I’m not a complete zombie the next day. She will have several naps throughout the day, her longest one seems to be in the late morning.

She still ends up in our bed most nights but that’s usually because I end up falling asleep whilst feeding her more than a conscious decision to have her in bed with us.

I wrote a post earlier this month comparing the differences between Jasmine and Elowen’s bedtime routines – it’s here if you fancy a read.

Likes: Booby milk ice lollies, Lamaze Mortimer Moose (a Jasmine hand-me-down), mummy blowing raspberries, bathtime, watching her big sister.

Dislikes: teething pain and immunisation jabs!


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Jasmine’s 4 month update

Jasmine’s 4 month update

I think the last month or so has seen some of the biggest changes in Jasmine yet and she really is becoming a little person now. She looks that little bit older every day – it really scares mama just how quickly she’s growing!

Health: In my last update there was some concern over Jasmine’s hips and both the health visitor and doctor agreed that she had signs of possible hip dysplasia. Well, after several weeks of waiting we finally received a letter from the pediatrician saying he didn’t think it was necessary to take any further action. Phew!

Unfortunately, Jasmine did end up at the doctors for another reason. She had her first tummy bug and it was pretty horrendous. She was fine in herself, still relatively happy and smiley but she was producing 6 or 7 dirty nappies (loose stools) a day for almost two weeks. The doctor wasn’t overly concerned and eventually the bug did just work it’s way out of her system but it did leave my poor girl with a very sore bottom. Thankfully she’s in perfect health again now.

Weight: Today Jasmine weighed 15lbs 8oz, that means she’s put on 2lbs 8oz since last month.

Sleeping: *pops a party popper* She’s sleeping though the night!! For the best part of two months Jasmine’s favourite time to wake up was 4am. She woke up for a feed at this time every single night until one day she just stopped. As simple as that. Her new wake up time is between 7 and 8am which is amazing! The only problem is that around 5am she starts to fuss and kick in her sleep, she never actually wakes but it must be part of her sleep cycle because it’s every night. This wakes me up and then I struggle to get back to sleep so I’m still just as tired as when she was waking up for a night feed. We are toying with the idea of putting her in her own room soon as I’m finding the disruptive sleep really difficult to deal with.

Jasmine tends to have two long naps during the day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. These can last several hours, this is when mama does the house work (obviously I mean blogging!)

Feeding: Jasmine now drinks anywhere between 5-7oz of milk every 4 hours during the day. Her last feed is still around 10pm right after her bath and massage. She loves grabbing on to her bottle and quite often has hold of it all by herself, very impressive!

Whilst she’s fascinated by watching Stephen and I eat our dinner, she’s still very content with her milk so I’ve no plans to start early weaning, we’ll just see how it goes for now. For the time being I am just doing some research on weaning so that when the time comes I’m ready for it. (You can see the post I did on useful weaning websites here.)

Playtime: I love watching Jasmine play even more at the moment because she’s so much better at controlling her actions. She can move her arms and legs purposely to kick and reach out to her toys on her bouncer or playmat.

She’s not quite laughing yet but she does these cute little high pitched dolphin squeals which I find so adorable!

Loves: Nibbles the mouse, sucking her thumb, Coldplay, sitting up (propped against pillows or sofa cushions) and shoving her hands in her gob!

Jasmine with her new best friend, Nibbles the Mouse!

Hates:  Tummy time (still!), having her hair washed, loud noises

Looking forward to what the next month brings…

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