A transition into motherhood

When you’re pregnant with your first child you can only imagine the impact that a baby will have on your life. You know it’s going to be hard, tiring and utterly life changing but until that little person enters the world you really do not know just how much.

After our baby girl was born, Stephen and I spent the following two weeks doing nothing but staring at her and repeating the sentence “I can’t believe we made her!” over and over again. We didn’t care that we weren’t getting any sleep because how can we admire the fruit of our loins whilst we’re asleep? Sleep could wait. Read more...

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Friday Phone Dump #1

I’ve decided to start doing a ‘Friday Phone Dump’ here on the blog (inspired by Kelle over at Enjoying the small things). I take so many photos on my phone, I thought it would be good to select a few of my favourites to share each week. So here’s my first ever phone dump…

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My trials and tribulations of breastfeeding

I’ve been putting off writing this blog post for a little while now. Breastfeeding is still a touchy subject for me and my bad experience of it still feels very raw.

A couple of nights ago I was up in the small hours of the morning, unable to get back to sleep after feeding Jasmine. I was browsing the usual social network sites on my phone and up popped a Facebook message from an ex-work colleague. She’d given birth to a sweet baby girl just two days before. The message simply said “please tell me that breastfeeding gets easier”. Read more...

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Review: Almondella Subscription Box

I recently discovered the Finnish-based company Almondella and their monthly subscription boxes whilst browsing online for baby gift ideas (a friend of ours is expecting her baby any day now).

You can subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or a year and each month you will receive a box tailored to your child’s age (up to 3 years old). The folks at Almondella say that they have a good eye for design and aim to select products that they believe are great quality and long lasting. The idea being that the items can be passed on to other babies once your child has out-grown them. Read more...

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Four years

Four years ago today I met the love of my life. Never could I have imagined the journey we were just beginning that day. We’ve crammed quite a lot in over these last few years, in the last 12 months alone we have bought a house, become owners of a gorgeous puppy, got engaged and brought an amazing little girl into the world. I feel so incredibly privileged to be with Stephen and share this life together. I’m a very lucky lady indeed.

Here’s just a few reasons why my fella is definitely ‘a keeper’… Read more...

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