Jasmine’s OOTD #1

It looks set to be another scorcher of a day so me and the girl are getting our pins out! Jasmine is finally starting to wear her 0-3 month clothes which is great as that’s the size we got given most of when she was born. Today Jasmine is wearing a little romper from M&S which was given to her by her nanny. I’ve just taken some photos to send on to Nan so thought I’d include them in a little OOTD post! Sometimes it’s the simple outfits that I love the most and this is definitely one of my favourite pieces Jasmine has worn so far. =&0=& Pure Cotton Pink Striped Romper =&1=& Good ol’ Marks and Spencer! =&2=& £8.00 Click here to see it on the M&S website.
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Implementing a bedtime routine: The 4 B’s

 Today Jasmine is 9 weeks old and now that she is (thankfully) doing longer stints of sleeping throughout the night (5-6 hours), I think it’s time we started to implement a bit more of a routine. Often our bed time is a bit random – sometimes early, sometimes late and in the long run that doesn’t really work out well for any of us. I think Jasmine will benefit from a set bedtime routine so from today, each evening, we will be using the four B’s to get our little lady off to sleep at night.=&0=& =&1=& –  Initially Jasmine hated baths and now she merely tolerates them! I think it really helps when I roll my trousers up and get in the bath with her. It’s easier for eye contact whilst I’m washing her and I think she finds it more reassuring. =&2=&

Step 2: Baby massage – Jasmine and I did a 6 week Daisy Babies massage and yoga course so it’ll be nice to start using the skills we learned in class as part of her bedtime routine. Baby girl isn’t a huge fan of having her clothes taken off so giving her a massage right after her bath will probably be the best time as she’s already pretty chilled out by that point.

Step 3: Bottle – I’ll give Jasmine her last bottle of the night (hopefully). At the moment she tends to have between 4-5oz of milk each feed. Read more...

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Friday Phone Dump #2

Hello all,

I’m currently celebrating my 27th birthday (eek!) but here’s a few of my favourite piccies from over the last week…

Let’s be Insta Buddies! You can find me on Instagram @_tinyfootsteps

Have a great weekend!

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A comforting message

I recently shared my post about the struggles I experienced whilst breastfeeding Jasmine with Ami, a breastfeeding peer supporter, who I had contact with in those first few weeks as a mummy. I was extremely lucky to have that support but in the end it still wasn’t enough. The message, which I received in response to the post, was extremely heartwarming. It also really highlights a few home truths about breastfeeding – that it’s not always plain sailing. Although the message was directed at me, I think all mums who have had or are having problems breastfeeding should read it. Especially, if like myself, you have switched to formula and still feel guilty about it. Read more...

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Jasmine’s 2 month update

Wow, yet another month has flown by and yesterday Jasmine turned 8 weeks old. It was only when we visited some friends and their tiny newborn at the weekend I realised just how much she’s grown/changed over the last few weeks.

Today we’ve had a busy day with her 8 week visit from the Health Visitor this morning and then her first set of jabs this afternoon.

Our lovely health visitor, Claire, was very happy with Jasmine’s growth and weight gain. The only slight concern was that her thigh creases aren’t symmetrical and her legs are slightly different lengths. This can be a sign of Hip Dysplasia so we’ve got an appointment with a GP in a couple of weeks time just to check it over. Claire assured me that 9 times out of 10 it’s all OK but like most things it’s better to get it checked out. Read more...

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