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If you’re a new parent like me, you are most likely taking a serious amount of pictures of your little bundle on a daily basis. Jasmine is now 10 weeks old and I’m already well aware of how quickly she is growing up. I want to savour so many moments and be able to reflect back on them in years to come. Some days she looks visibly older than the last and I feel like it won’t be long before she’s kissing me on the cheek and heading off to uni or back-packing around Australia to ‘find herself’! Anyway, I can’t focus on that too much right now, it brings a lump to my throat just thinking about it… Read more...

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Implementing a bedtime routine: 7 day diary

*This post contains a lot of very dark and grainy photos taken on my phone of my baby sleeping – however, the terrible quality of the pictures doesn’t make them any less adorable!* ;)

You can read about Jasmine’s bedtime routine in more detail by clicking here

Implementing a bedtime routine: 7 day diary

Day One

I was unsure of how well Jasmine would sleep tonight 1) because it had been sweltering hot all day which completely wiped her out and she’d slept for most of the day and 2) it was still a very hot and stuffy 25oC in our bedroom. I was feeling pretty shattered myself and my eyes had been stinging since around 5pm. Read more...

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A first father’s day

*Poem by Anon.

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Friday Phone Dump #3

Yay, it’s almost the weekend! *happy dance*

Here’s my third (where are the weeks going?!) Friday Phone Dump…

Let’s be Insta Buddies! You can find me on Instagram @_tinyfootsteps

Have a great weekend!

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My pregnancy highlights

There’s no pretending that pregnancy isn’t undeniably hard at times. I was very fortunate to have a fairly straightforward and healthy pregnancy with Jasmine but there were times when the experience felt less than magical! I had terrible morning sickness for the first 3 months, awful backache and towards the end, my hands and feet swelled up like balloons. Marvelous! However, I think it’s important to remember and focus on the amazing times that I did experience throughout pregnancy. Here’s some of my pregnancy highlights… =&0=& I love this photo – it was taken by Stephen last August. I’m walking along the shore at Southwold beach thinking “Something feels different” – the moment I got home I did a pregnancy test and lo and behold there they were…Two pink lines!  The second that my test turned positive I was instantly filled with excitement, apprehension and pure fear! I couldn’t believe that 9 months (to the day) after my miscarriage I was finally pregnant again. We were going to have our rainbow baby! Of course, I had to pee on one or two (maybe three) more tests just to make sure. I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I had to let it all sink in for a few days before I told Stephen the news but when I did he was overjoyed. We couldn’t wait to be a little family. =&1=& =&2=& I first felt little movements at around 15 weeks which I think is quite early for a first pregnancy. When you reach the third trimester and baby starts kicking and punching so hard it takes your breath away, it’s difficult to recall what those first little wriggles felt like. I didn’t tell a lot of people I was pregnant (work colleagues etc.) until I was around 21 weeks. It was nice to feel my little spud moving around whilst everyone else was none the wiser – it was my little secret. I also loved the fact that you never feel alone with a baby in your tummy. =&3=& =&2=&
Nothing quite beats seeing your baby for the very first time. After weeks of morning (noon and night) sickness it was so nice to be able to see that it hadn’t all been for nothing. There was a little person growing inside of me and seeing them wriggle around on the screen in front of me was the reality check that I needed. Looking at that blurry little black and white image of my baby became my new favourite hobby – as well as showing it to anybody else who cared to look at it (and probably those who didn’t)! =&5=&

Finding out ‘It’s a girl!’

Before I was pregnant I was always so sure that when I did have a baby I’d want to keep the gender a surprise until the birth. Pffttt, that went right out of the window. After several nights of being wide awake just thinking about whether I was having a boy or a girl, I caved in and booked an early ultrasound scan. I was only a few weeks away from my 20 week anomaly scan but I just couldn’t wait any longer. I was convinced I was carrying a boy – I’d had baby boy dreams from very early on. Well, so much for mother’s intuition! It turned out my baby had a ninnie and not a noodle. I was flabbergasted but extremely excited to be on Team Pink! Maybe if I’m fortunate enough to have another baby in the future then I’ll hold out until the end to find out the sex… but I doubt it. ;)
=&7=& =&2=& Towards the end of my pregnancy I took part in a 6 week course of Lazy Daisy antenatal classes. Aside from the fact that I really do not know how I would’ve coped with my labour pains had I not gone to these classes, they were really beneficial in other ways. It was the one time during the week when I could completely forget about everything else and just focus purely on myself and bump. It was nice for me and the other mums-to-be to complain and compare notes about our various pregnancy ailments! The sessions were so relaxing and I really miss them now that baby’s here. Maybe I could shove a cushion up my t-shirt and re-join the group?! When Stephen picked me up after my first class and asked “So, what did you do for an hour and half?” we burst into giggles when I replied “Erm, breathing mostly”. It sounds odd at first, I mean who needs to learn how to breathe when you’ve been doing it your whole life?! But it’s so much more than that, it’s about staying calm and in control. If you’re expecting a baby, I highly recommend signing up to your local Lazy Daisy class.  Find out more at: http://www.thelazydaisychain.co.uk/ =&9=& =&2=& I’m pretty sure pregnancy is the only time that us women are willing our bellies to get bigger! I loved watching my bump grow. I used an app called BabyBump Pregnancy (on Android) to take a photo of my bump each week. I still enjoy looking at those photos and already can’t believe my body ever looked like that. One thing I will take away from this pregnancy (other than a baby, obviously!) is that the only person’s opinion you should care about Re: the size of your bump, is your midwife’s! Everybody loves to comment on your body “You’re getting huge!” or “You barely look pregnant!” For me, I constantly had work colleagues tell me how small my bump was, to the point that I was worried that there might be something wrong with my baby (people just don’t think about how their words might affect others, do they?). As it turns out Jasmine was born a perfectly healthy size and weight. I now know that every woman carries differently – some big, some small, some high, some low – but regardless of size or shape, each bump is perfect! =&11=& =&2=& This is what it’s all about – all the sickness, aches and pains, it all leads to this one moment. I’m fully aware that labour isn’t a walk in the park – it’s painful and exhausting but I can honestly say (in hindsight, mind you) that I enjoyed the experience. Every second I spent pushing to get my girl out I focused on having her in my arms. I was so excited and after 38 weeks of waiting I knew that she was going to be there, in my arms, very soon. Eyes on the prize… What was the highlight of your pregnancy?  #TEAMMAMA #MYPOSITIVEPREGNANCY
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