Jasmine’s 2nd year in photos

I made one of these photo collages last year as we approached Jasmine’s 1st birthday. It was so much fun to do and I loved seeing all of the subtle (and not so subtle) changes that took place as she grew each month. It’s Jasmine’s 2nd birthday a week today so I’m back to share her second year in photos.

In some ways, I feel like this year has gone even quicker than the first. Although I’d never have thought that to be possible!  I miss my squidgy baby, of course. But I am having so much fun getting to know this crazy toddler’s personality. I love her cheeky sense of humour and her wicked giggle.

Here’s to another incredible year, baby girl. xxx

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A Moony Nappies Review and Giveaway

We were recently asked if we would like to try out and review some Japanese nappies. I raised an eyebrow too when I read the e-mail but curiosity got the better me and so I said “sure, send some my way!” For the best part of two years, we have tried a lot of different nappies in order to find the ‘right’ ones. I never would’ve thought it before becoming a mum – but’s pretty hard to find the perfect nappy for your little one. You want them to right fit, you want them to be able to keep your baby/toddler dry and comfortable and you don’t want to spend a fortune on them. It doesn’t seem a lot to ask when I write it down. Could these international pants, named ‘Moony’, be our answer?

A Moony Nappies Review and Giveaway

We were sent a pack of 38 Moony pull-up style pants in a size suitable for toddlers who weigh 12-17kg. They were the pack designed for girls, which basically meant they were pink. Personally, I don’t particularly care if Jasmine’s nappies are pink, blue, orange or green and I’m fairly confident she doesn’t either – seems silly to genderise nappies but hey-ho, some people like that kinda thing. Both the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ designs have Disney’s Winnie The Pooh images depicted on them so essentially as far as I’m aware, aside from the colours, they are the same design.

A Moony Nappies Review and Giveaway

Fit: This is probably one of the things I’ve been most impressed with when it comes to the Moony Nappies. Despite them looking almost identical (in shape) to Pampers Baby Dry Pants (which is what we currently use) – they seemed to fit Jasmine so much better. They’re a bit more streamlined around her upper thighs and don’t tend to bunch up around the crotch like I find the Pampers do. They are made of a soft material and have plenty of stretch in them around the waist and legs.

Here’s a picture of both the Moony Nappies and Pampers Baby Dry Pants side-by-side for comparison.

A Moony Nappies Review and Giveaway

Day-time use: I generally change Jasmine’s nappy every 4-5 hours during the daytime. The Moony nappies have been absolutely fine. They keep their shape, absorb liquid well and are easy to remove. I gently tear the sides apart and pull the nappy off, roll it up and use the sticky tab to keep it in place before disposing of it. One of the things I’ve noticed about the Moony pants is that they don’t have that horrible chemical smell that some other nappies do. They also have a wetness indicator strip that runs down the outside of the center of the nappy which is quite handy.

A Moony nappies review and giveaway

Night-time use: We’ve really struggled recently to keep Jasmine dry at night. She’s a heavy wetter which often leads to her nappy leaking in the early hours of the morning. We’ve had to ditch using pull-up style nappies overnight as they often were the worst culprits so I was almost reluctant to try to Moony nappies overnight.

It turns out that I needn’t have worried because since using the Moony nappies for bed times, we’ve had no soggy pyjamas in the morning!

Price: This, unfortunately, is the biggest draw-back for me. The price of a 38 pack is £22.50 (on Amazon at time of writing this post) which is very expensive. Usually I can get two large packs of branded nappies for less than that. Although I am really impressed with the quality of the Moony nappies, and I think they are by far some of the best nappies we’ve ever tried, I couldn’t justify paying double for them – which is a real shame.

Bottom line: These nappies are a great for both day and night use. They’re good quality and are well designed. Sadly, the cost of the packs is their downfall.

To find out more about Japanese Nappies check out their website here and the online shop here.

I’m also giving my readers a chance to win a pack of Japanese nappies (in a size of their choice). Just enter using the rafflecopter below:

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  • There will be one winner chosen at random.
  • The prize x1 packet of Japanese nappies
  • UK entrants only
  • The nappies will be dispatched by Japanese nappies– blogger assumes no responsibility for delivery.

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Popcorn S’more Bars {Recipe}

Half-term, for us, usually means a bit of a slow week – and not in a good way. All of our normal toddler groups don’t run during the school holidays and, if the weather is a bit pants, we quite often end up stuck at home trying to find things to do (besides watch silly amounts of CBeebies).

The last few times that I’ve done a spot of home baking, Jasmine has shown plenty of willing in terms of getting involved. Mixing, stirring, pouring – just show her what to do it and she’ll do it. With this in mind, I decided to do a little mid-week baking session with her (although, technically there was no actual baking involved).

For Christmas, my husband bought me a popcorn maker. He recalled that I had been given one as a birthday present from my mum when I was 12-years-old. These days, the smell of hot popping corn takes me right back to the summer of 1999. It makes me want to stick on a Spice Girls CD and write in my diary about boys I fancy.

Anyway, I totally digress – ever since getting my new popcorn maker for Christmas I’ve been playing around with different recipes that incorporate popcorn – most of which have been of the cupcake variety. However, I decided with the help of my little person, we would set about creating an easy no-bake Popcorn S’more Bar recipe. I’m delighted to say that they turned out rather well. Crunchy, yet chewy and smothered in chocolate – what’s not to like?

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Popcorn kernels (if you don’t have a popcorn maker you can use plain shop bought popcorn)
  • 220g Unsalted butter
  • 200g Chocolate
  • 150g Mini marshmallows
  • Digestive biscuits (or any other kind of biscuit that takes your fancy!)

Aside from the marshmallows and butter – the amounts are not an exact science – this really is a “chuck it all in” kinda recipe. It’s up to you how much you want to make!

How to make it:

Check out our video to find out how to make these scrumptious bars that will have you crying out for s’more. (Sorry!)

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I am linking this recipe up with two gorgeous ladies who inspired me to get ‘cooking’ with my toddler – Lorraine and Stephanie. Do check out their fabulous new linky: Little Appetites


Jasmine’s 22 month update

Yesterday, Jasmine turned 22 months old and for the first time in ages, it felt like the last month has gone quite slowly. I’m actually not going to start an update post with “Gosh, where has the time gone?”. I guess that’s the January Effect! I have plenty to talk about though so I’ll get going…

Dare I say it, we’ve definitely had less tantrums over the last few weeks and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Jasmine’s vocabulary has improved massively with every passing week. Now that she can express herself better, I feel like there’s less frustration and less reason for her to get so upset. And yes, she’s still very much ‘Little Miss Independent’ and likes to do things her own way but I think she also understands me better too. Now, when I say things like “No, it’s this way home” she will often, begrudgingly, follow me in the right direction where before an meltdown would have ensued.

We barely use the pushchair at all now – in fact, we decided to put it in the garage yesterday. If we’re only popping out to the shops or the park Jasmine will walk, it’s the same with nursery runs – she prefers to be on her own two feet. It just takes us twice as long to get home! ;)

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Something that Jasmine has started doing over the last week or so, which is totally adorable, is that she will think out load. So if I give her a choice, for example “Would you like an apple or an orange?” she will go “Ummmmmmm…….. orange”.

Quite often she gets her “N”s and “M”s mixed up. This means that I am currently “Nanny” rather than “Mammy” which is a tad annoying as she can say “Dadsy” perfectly. She loves looking out for the “Noon” (that’s moon to you and I) and the stars, when it gets dark outside. She often points out the window and will state whether it’s “Light” or “Dark”.

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She loves it when I sing nursery rhymes with actions such as “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Incy Wincy Spider”. She especially loves it if they involve tickling her!

She’s still very into ‘helping’ around the house and the moment she spots an empty dog food bowl she’s rushing over to Heidi’s dog food to fill back up again. I bought her a Melissa and Doug Cleaning set a little while ago and it’s one of her favourite toys. Unfortunately, she keeps mopping our kitchen floor using drinking water from Heidi’s bowl.

I swear she’s grown about 10 inches in the last month. Suddenly she can reach up to the kitchen worktops and even managed to grab a knife out of the washing up bowl the other day. Imagine my complete horror! We’ve definitely had to be be extra careful where we leave things. The other week she pinched a full bottle of red wine vinegar out of the cupboard (oh yeah, child locks – pointless) and spilt the entire lot over our (cream) living room carpet. I couldn’t even be mad at her because she rushed off to get a cloth to wipe it up. So yeah, our house smells like a fish and chip shop.

I’m often told when I pick her up from nursery that she’s “coming out of her shell” and often has days when she is really quite loud (that’s pretty standard at home, mind you). The other day, her key worker told me that she was playing out in the garden and singing a song at the top of her voice. “No idea what she was singing but she seemed to be enjoying herself!”

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Her latest obsession is the Peter Rabbit animated series which is on Cbeebies. She asks to watch it several (billion) times a day. “RABBIT” “RABBIT” “RABBIT” – she sounds like Chas and Dave. I don’t like having the TV on all day but I’ve recorded some episodes which are useful for when I need to make dinner. She is totally captivated by it. I, on the other hand, find it quite annoying.

Jasmine has a real dislike for garments. She spends a good majority of her time removing items of clothing from her dolls and soft toys. Oh and if you’ve been in the house for more than 1 second and have still got your coat on she will demand “OFF!” – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete stranger, either. She can be a right bossy boots when she wants to be.

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Jasmine’s developed an eczema-like rash on her back, arms and under armpits. I think it might be a reaction to a new fabric conditioner we’ve been using as she’s never had it before. We’ve now switched to one for extra sensitive skin. The rash itself is not itchy but does look dry and sore. I’ve not found anything that’s helped to clear it up yet so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Sleep: It’s been a good month for sleep. Jasmine still goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up between 7.30-8.ooam. She still naps after lunch from 1pm – until around 2.30pm but lately the naps have started getting shorter. Some days she won’t nap at all – I fear that the afternoon naps could soon become a thing of the past! *sob*

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Eating: Jasmine’s a fairly good eater most of the time but she still has her fussy days every now and again. She won’t eat chicken or turkey (in any form) and hasn’t done for a while. I’m not sure if that’s something I’ve mentioned in her previous updates. She’s happy enough to eat red meat though. Cottage pie and spag bol are firm favourites. She loves her vegetables and even tried to eat a red pepper like an apple earlier when we got the shopping delivered. She loves peas, corn, peppers and cucumber. She’s less keen on broccoli and green beans (who can blame her, right?)

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Likes: Peter Rabbit, Bunny, going to the park, having baths, climbing up the stairs and bum shuffling down them, red pepper, looking after our pets, ‘mopping’ the floors, Mike the Knight, playing with her babies, stickers.

Dislikes: nappy changes and not being able to climb on the furniture. (Mean mummy!)

Phew, I told you I had a lot to say! Well done if you read this post to the end. I mainly write these monthly update posts for me as I never want to forget the ‘little things’. I’m having a little blogging hiatus at the moment as quite frankly, I haven’t been enjoying it, but I don’t want to stop writing these updates any time soon.

What lovely new things has your little one been doing lately?

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Jasmine’s 21 month update

Holy moly, that 2nd birthday is really creeping up on us now. Just three months to go!

I feel like Jasmine’s 20th month has been a pretty tough one as we’ve had teething, colds, sleep deprivation and tantrums. Thankfully, as the month comes to an end, the teeth have popped through, we’re mostly over the colds, sleep is returning to normal and the tantrums… well, they are still rife but you can’t win them all. ;)

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Jasmine has been trying hard to assert her independence this month and wants to do everything herself. Don’t dare try to help her put her clothes and shoes on, or brush her teeth, or change her nappy, or wipe her hands… the list goes on! Unfortunately, her motor skills aren’t quite fine tuned enough to successfully do all of those things herself so it leads to her getting very frustrated. I do feel for her.

She’s reached a new level of hatred for nappy changes (as she’s never much liked them). A couple of months ago she would’ve happily told us that she had a dirty nappy that needed changing but now she lies about it!

“Jasmine, do you have a dirty nappy?” *knowing full well she does*

“Nooooooooooo!” *runs off*

We’ve changed over to Huggies pants which has made life a tad easier but it’s still a battle most of the time.

We seem to use the pushchair less and less these days. Jasmine’s stopped asking to be picked up every 5 minutes like she was last month and is quite happy to walk a fair distance now. Whether it’s in the direction she’s supposed to be going is another matter entirely!

What is really sweet is that she loves helping me with chores around the house such as feeding the pets, wiping tables, sweeping up, watering the plants. I try to think of ways to get her involved with tasks as much as possible but she does get cross when she’s unable to do something either because she’s still a bit too small or because it’s not safe. Just check out this photo of her trying to vaccum with a big heavy Dyson for evidence of that:

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Jasmine’s sleeping patterns were a bit all over the place at the start of the month. Especially whilst she had 4 canine teeth (top and bottom) coming through at once. To top it off she was also poorly with a cough and cold at the same time.

She’s sleeping better at the moment but it’s taking her a lot longer to settle down at night. She’s often reluctant to go to bed but normally once she’s asleep she will sleep though until the morning and wakes up around 7.30am.

Naps have stayed fairly consistent (although again, she is reluctant to take them) but once asleep she will usually nap for 1-2 hours in the afternoon after lunch.

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This month Jasmine:

  • Had a great Christmas at home this year. She was far more into it and was able to unwrap her own presents (and everybody else’s). She also devoured her Christmas dinner!

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  • Enjoyed a visit to Hollow Trees Farm in Suffolk. (You can read the review/watch the video of our visit here.)
  • Started walking all the way home from nursery so I’ve now ditched the buggy for nursery runs.
  • Continued to surprise us with lots of new words every day.
  • Had another visit to our local soft play centre and loved it!

Likes: Dancing to her BeatBo toy, Bunny, her Happyland Zoo, red pepper, bathtime, helping me with jobs around the house, splashing in muddy puddles, being outside, building Mega Bloc towers with Daddy.

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Dislikes: nappy changes, getting out of the bath, being dressed, being in the pushchair.

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