Growing a rainbow baby: 12 & 13 weeks pregnant

I’m so excited to be writing my first ever pregnancy update! I didn’t start this blog until Jasmine was a month old and I always regret having not documented any of my pregnancy. Already I remember very little about it which seems a real shame. The last couple of months have felt like the longest ever so aside from anything else it’s nice to finally be able to talk about my pregnancy instead of keeping it a secret.

If you want to read about my first trimester symptoms then check out this post.

We had our 12 week dating scan last Monday (16th May) where my due date was moved forward almost an entire week putting me bang on 13 weeks. With that in mind I’m combining my 12 & 13 week update because otherwise I get all kinds of confused trying to work out what I felt and when! I’m going to try and write regular updates as much as I can but I’m not going to put pressure on myself to do them weekly – if I can, then great – if I can’t, nevermind.

Oh and from now on I’ll be referring to baby as “Baby Button Nose” or “Baby BN” after the sonographer at our dating scan commented on how cute baby’s little button nose was. (We realise she probably says this about everybody’s baby!)

How big is Baby Button-Nose this week?

Baby BN is almost as long as a pea pod (Length: 7.4cm, head to bottom.) They weigh approximately 23g!


I’ve been having bad headaches every day and have done so for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been using Cool ‘N’ Soothe Migraine Cooling Pads (found them in Home Bargains) which help and on the days where I’ve really struggled I’ve taken some paracetamol.

I thought I was starting to get a bit of energy back after 8 weeks or so of pure exhaustion but on Friday (20th May) I had to nap in the middle of the day for a couple of hours… and I was still tired afterwards! I felt quite nauseous that day too but the nausea always seems to be more prominent on the days that I feel more tired.

I’ve also had some lower back pain which seems to come and go from day to day. It tends to be worse on the days I’ve been more active – cleaning the house, doing gardening etc.

Weirdly, my teeth are really sensitive at moment too. It’s not normally a problem I have and I don’t know if it’s pregnancy related or not. I got a letter through the post this week telling me that it’s time to book a dental check-up so I’ll ask about it then.

Oh and I’ve had sore boobs! (.)(.)


I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps over the last few days. I’m missing my friends and family lots. I think I need to plan a visit back to Bristol very soon.

I’ve also been quite moody and snappy which is quite unusual for me (unless it’s the time of the month!)

Highlight of the week: 

Seeing our little Baby Button-Nose at our 12 weeks scan. They were so wriggly that the sonographer struggled to get the measurements she needed. Jasmine was in the room with us and was convinced it was a “birdy” on the screen.

It was also lovely to finally be able to break the news to friends and family. I was sad that we couldn’t do it in person (due to us living so far away) but everybody was thrilled for us. :)

Food cravings: 

Pizza and Haribo jelly babies. (Not together!)

Food aversions: 

None at the moment. I’ve finally started being able to eat eggs again after completely going off them for many weeks.

Things I’m missing: 

Exercise. I haven’t been able to muster doing any proper exercise for weeks. I’m sure if I managed to do some then it would give me more energy but I just can’t seem to get started. I’ve been looking for a local pregnancy yoga class which I’m hoping will ease me back into exercising again. I feel incredibly unfit at the moment and I want to do something about that asap.


Pretty good at the moment. I fall asleep very quickly and lately I’ve not needed to get up to pee in the middle of the night which is a definite bonus! I doubt it’ll be too long before the late night wees commence again, though!

Baby movements: 

Not yet. I got those first fluttering feelings around 14/15 weeks with Jasmine so I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer before I get to experience that magical feeling again. :)

Pregnancy/baby related purchases: Nothing yet. Unless you count our ultrasound scan photos! ;)


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