Introducing VegTrug

If you have been following my blog for a little while than you will probably know that I’ve recently found a new hobby in growing my own fruit and vegetables. To be honest, it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time but was always put off doing it because I didn’t think I’d have the right equipment or knowledge. However, now that I have a family of my own, I’ve felt even more driven to experiment with growing my own food. For me, it is so important that as Jasmine grows up, I can offer her the opportunity to learn about where her food comes from. My hope is that she will want to get involved with producing our own fruit and vegetables and develop a love of good food.

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I am working with a wonderful company who are based relatively local to me – please allow me to introduce, VegTrug.

VegTrug design and make a huge range of gardening products that allow anybody to ‘grow their own’, using the space they have available to them – be it a small patio or an entire allotment. There’s something to suit everybody’s needs when it comes to growing your own fresh and organic produce. I’m pleased that the folks at VegTrug share my ethos about ‘knowing what you eat’ and they also believe that the best way to to avoid pesticides (which are used on lots of the fresh produce we buy from the supermarket) is to simply grow your own organic food. Sounds good to me!

We’ve been extremely lucky to have been provided with a Medium (1.8 metre) sized wooden VegTrug to grow our fruit and vegetables in. I will be writing a detailed review of the VegTrug very soon, as well as regular updates on what we’re growing throughout the year.

Here’s a little something I grew earlier. ;)

This is all very new to me but I am so keen to learn as much as I can about growing my own food. Most evenings, when Jasmine has gone to bed, I’ll sit and watch YouTube videos with titles that include “Top 10 tips for growing tomatoes” and “How to propagate strawberries”. I’m truly excited to embrace this new found interest and to be able to provide fresh, organic and wholesome food for myself and my family.

I really hope you will enjoy my future posts (and perhaps the odd video, if I’m feeling brave!) about our fruit and veg growing experience. Hopefully I can encourage you to get growing too! :)

Do you grow your own fruit and vegetables at home?

If so, do your children like to get involved?

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Home Etc

50 Things That Make Me Happy

The very lovely Harassed Mom recently shared a list of 50 things that make her happy on her blog. And, as I am focusing on ‘Finding My Happy‘ this year,  I just knew I had to give it a go too!

So here it is, 50 things that make me happy….

1. Being a mummy to Jasmine, obvs!

2. Walking my beloved pooch, Heidi

3. Picnics and eating alfresco in general

4. Growing my own fruit and vegetables

5. Lazy Sunday afternoons

6. Baking my favourite chocolate brownie recipe

7. Trying new recipes for dinner… and seeing clean plates afterwards. :)

8. Evening doggy cuddles on the sofa

9. Reading Jasmine bedtime stories

10. Sausage and chips at the seaside (No fish for me, yuck!)

11. Blogging friends who ‘get it’ ;)

12. Getting nice post – sure beats bills and junk mail!

13. Buying new notepads (that I’ll never use because they are far too pretty)

14. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin (especially in the Spring)

15. Using good old fashioned film cameras to take photos

16. Friends driving miles and miles to come and see me and my little family

17. Seeing Stephen dote on his little girl

18. Skinny dipping

19. Listening to my old CD collection and reminiscing

20. Stickers – I’m always buying packs of stickers

21. Romantic meals with Stephen (very rare these days!)

22. Getting to the right level of tipsy that allows me to dance without feeling self-conscious.

23. Jumping out on people – it never gets old.

24. Novelty socks

25. Pushing Jasmine on the swings and watching her smile

26. Getting into my own bed after being away from home for a while

27. And on that note, clean bed linen!

28. Hot chocolate on winter nights

29. Both watching and performing stand up comedy

30. Reading classic children’s books

31. Newborn snuggles (Broody? Moi?)

32. A tidy house (HAHAHA!)

33. Colouring in

34. Looking through old photographs

35. Catching up with all of Happy Days Linky posts every Monday

36. Mr Whippy Ice Creams (with Strawberry sauce)

37. Browsing RightMove and dreaming of our ‘Forever Home’

38. Putting flatpack furniture together (I know!)

39. Exploring new places

40. Solo train journeys (fellow mamas will understand)

41. Reading my favourite blogs

42. Swimming!!!

43. Peach iced tea

44. Going to the cinema – it seems a real novelty these days!

45. Dancing around the house and singing loudly (badly).

46. When Stephen is naughty and brings home chocolate. I tell him off… and then eat it.

47. Teddy bears (and all soft toys in general). I love them far more than any grown woman should.

48. New Zealand – I’ve been twice and I love it there. Hope to go back again sometime.

49. Going back home to Bristol, I don’t do it enough.

50. Freshly made crepes for breakfast. Yummy!

If you ever feeling a little down then I highly recommend making one of these lists yourself as it really will make you smile.

What are the little (and big) things in your life that make you happy?

Do we share any similarities? I’d love to know!


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Baby’s First Halloween – Costume Inspiration

It’s definitely starting to feel like Autumn around here. If, like me, you’re not quite ready to kiss goodbye to Summer and feel a little bit sad that the colder, darker days are approaching, then you need to do some things to cheer yourself up. Make the most of the Autumnal goodness. Get yourself a pumpkin spice latte, make some yummy homemade soup…or scourer the entire internet for baby Halloween costumes. *cough*

Don’t ever let it be said that I don’t use my days productively! ;)

Here’s some of my favorites, a lot of them are unisex so there’s plenty of ideas for baby boys too!

Baby’s First Halloween – Costume Inspiration:

1. Baby’s Spider Dress Up Costume//£26//

2. Baby’s Bat Dress Up Costume//£26//

3. Itty Bitty Lady Bug Costume//£35//Party Delights

4. Lil’ Stinger Baby Costume//£35//Party Delights

5. Infant Dinosaur Outfit//£20//eBay

6. Lil’ Garden Gnome Outfit//£26//eBay

(Number 6 is from the US but I couldn’t resist adding it to the post as I almost wet myself laughing when I saw it!)

Or if you’d prefer to go a little bit more low key…

7. Halloween Witch and Cat long sleeve babygrow//£14//eBay available in pink, white and grey

8. Skeleton Babygrow//£23//

9. Pumpkin Head Vest//£9//Etsy also available in other colours

10. I Want Candy Vest//£9//Etsy also available in other colours

Which item is your favourite?

Will you be dressing your baby up for Halloween?

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Our ‘Big Scream’ experience (Bury St Edmunds)

As much as I love spending all day, every day with Jasmine, I’ve started to realise the importance of getting out of the house and doing ‘normal things’. I think it’s vital for new mums to break up the monotony of nappy changes and feeds with other activities. I’ve made it my mission to try and discover as many local mum and baby friendly activities as possible.

As an avid film enthusiast I was pleased to discover that a cinema in my town, Abbeygate Cinema, has it’s very own ‘Big Scream’ club. Every Thursday morning parents have the opportunity to go along to the cinema’s ‘Big Scream’ film screening which welcomes mums, dads and babies under the age of one. How brilliant is that?!

Our ‘Big Scream’ experience (Bury St Edmunds):

Last Thursday I took Jasmine on our first ever mummy/daughter date to the movies! The film being shown on that particular day was ‘Tracks’ – a drama based on the memoir of Robyn Davidson, the woman who walked solo across 1,700 miles of Australian desert.

It was absolutely pouring down with rain that morning so I was very glad to get inside the building which is tucked away down Hatter Street in Bury St Edmunds. I parked my buggy in the lobby (next to a huge array of other prams and pushchairs) and then had a mooch around the place as I was a little early for my film.

abbeygate-picturehouse (1)

After a quick nosey around, the girl and I headed upstairs to find our screen. I had my e-ticket already which I had printed out at home – no queueing for tickets is definitely a bonus. I simply showed my printed ticket to the member of staff waiting outside the screen and went in to choose my seat. We were the first ones there so we had our pick of where to sit. I decided to sit on one of the little two-seater sofas at the back of the room. That way I could sprawl all of mine and Jasmine’s bits and bobs out and be able to reach them easily whilst the film was on. The sofa was so comfy and Jasmine stayed snuggled to my chest the entire time.

I noticed on the way in that there were several changing mats laid out and a bin for dirty nappies so you could deal with any stinky messes mid-film and not miss a thing!

Gradually more mums and dads appeared with their little ones (most of which were fast asleep!) Crying babies throughout the film (Jasmine included) was inevitable but it honestly didn’t matter. Once I got over the surreal experience of changing a baby’s nappy on the back seat of a cinema screen, I really felt relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the film. I’m happy to report that it’s the first film I’ve managed to watch to the end since Jasmine was born!


I loved my first mummy and daughter date at the movies. I mean, who else can you go to the pictures with, accidentally drop popcorn on their head and not hear any complaints?! (On that topic, even though I’m fully aware as to where my mouth is, why is it so hard to eat popcorn in a dark room?!)

The morning gave a whole new meaning to ‘smooching in the back row’ as I was able to give Jasmine kisses and cuddles until my heart was content whilst still enjoying a ‘normal’ activity that I really didn’t think I’d be doing just 4 weeks after Jasmine’s arrival.

I can see these trips to The Picture House being a regular occurrence from now on. I’ve since found out that the local NCT Bumps and Babies group also meet at the Picture House on Thursday mornings (before the Big Scream film) and perhaps if I’m feeling brave next time I’ll pop in and say hello!

NCT Bumps and Babies meet up: 10:00-11:30am (Free of charge)

Big Scream movie starts at 11:15am every Thursday – tickets cost £7 per adult (Babies go free)

I’d love to know what activities you enjoy doing with your babies in your local area?

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