Jasmine’s 1 month update

My pregnancy really did fly by, if felt like one minute I was peeing on a stick and confirming that those little twinges in my belly were not just a figment of my imagination and then the next minute I was holding my baby for the first time. As Jasmine was born at 38+2 weeks, I never really had that awful waiting around that some ladies are unfortunate enough to have to go through at the end of their pregnancy.  I was just getting into the swing of my maternity leave and admittedly starting to feel a little fed up with the backaches and weight of my bump. One day I rubbed my belly and whispered “You can come out now, I’m ready for you!” Later that night my waters broke. Sometimes you just have to ask nicely! ;)

Anyway, I digress, my pregnancy flew by and I was warned by others that time would continue to move at an alarming rate once baby girl got here. Oh my, they were not wrong! I cannot believe a month has passed since Jasmine arrived. So without further ado here is her 1 month update:

Feeding: Jasmine is having a mixture of formula and expressed breast milk. I was hoping to exclusively breastfeed but it didn’t work out (I will write about this at a later date). I try to make it so that she has formula for one half of the day and breast milk the other but she does tend to have more formula as I find it difficult to be constantly expressing. I want to be holding my baby not a plastic pump so I tend to do 2 long sessions of expressing a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Initially my midwife suggested that I expressed milk every 2-3 hours but this wasn’t realistic.


Before the exclusive breastfeeding plan went to pot.

Sleeping: Oh boy, we’ve had a few rough nights lately including last night. I ended up sleeping downstairs on the sofa with Jasmine in her bouncer next to me. We are using a Bednest crib in our bedroom which attaches to our bed but Jasmine absolutely hates it. Most of the time I have to let her fall asleep on my chest and then place her down on the Bednest but the last few nights she has woken up immediately after placing her in the crib. She kicks and screams and will not settle herself back to sleep. She wants to be on me or next to me, constantly! She’s ended up sleeping in our bed a few times just so we could get SOME sleep but I’m very aware of the dangers of co-sleeping and it does scare me. Hence why I ended up downstairs with her in the bouncer last night, it’s the only other place where she seems to be able to sleep. She suffers with reflux quite a bit and I think she just prefers to be a bit more upright when she sleeps. The Bednest does have a ‘tilt’ function so we’re going to try that tonight and see if we get on any better with it.

Her favourite place to be: mummy’s chest!

In the first few days and weeks Jasmine was sleeping for around 20 hours a day but more recently she’s awake for a lot longer during several periods throughout the night and day. She’s more active and you can tell now that she is starting to focus on things a lot more. Her neck muscles are definitely getting stronger, she’s always trying to hold her head up which usually results in me getting head butted!

We’re signed up to a 6 week baby massage/yoga course and we’ve had two classes so far. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m hoping when Jasmine’s old enough to start implementing a bedtime routine I can use the baby massage as part of that. Jasmine seems to enjoy it too and has made some sweet little chirping noises when she sees the other babies that I’ve never heard her make before.  It’s run by the lady who taught my Daisy Birthing course so some of the other mums in the class are familiar faces from that course. It’s nice to have an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours and I look forward to it each week, it’s been great bonding time too.

♥♥ My girl ♥♥

We’ve only just started putting Jasmine in newborn clothes as she had been wearing tiny baby up until now. The newborn clothes fit her perfectly on her long legs but still bags of growing room for her body and arms. I’m sure she’ll be outgrowing them in no time though.

 And mum:

I’ve found the sleep deprivation harder than I ever thought I would. Stephen’s been great and has helped with the night feeds. I’m going to try harder to sleep when Jasmine sleeps during the day rather than trying to clean as many rooms in the house as possible before she wakes for her next feed. I end up knackered and that’s no good to either of us. So from now on, the dusting can wait! Sleep comes first.

In a post-nap daze!

I’ve also been extremely emotional which is hard for me to take. I didn’t cry once during my whole pregnancy and yet since giving birth I have been a mess of a woman. My first week trying to breastfeed was emotionally taxing and I wish I hadn’t put so much pressure on myself to get it right so quickly. I am also missing my family and friends, I knew this would be the case and there’s not a whole lot I can do about it right now so I’m just gonna have to suck it up.

I’m desperate to get exercising again as I’ve really missed keeping fit. I did a lot of walking whilst I was pregnant but I do miss doing exercise that’s a little more hardcore. I’m going to wait until my 6 week postnatal check-up and if I get the go ahead from my doctor I’ll steadily start getting back into my old exercise routine.

So that’s it for this update – I’m hoping the next one includes big news about Jasmine’s very first (non-windy) smile. I cannot wait for that! In the meantime I’ll have to settle for a windy one…

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