Jasmine’s 8 month update

I won’t say what I say every month… but I’m thinking it! This month has seen a lot of changes in Jasmine but also has been quite tough for mummy – probably my toughest month yet actually. Our normally very happy baby has spent whole days being miserable (damn teeth and colds!) and our fab sleeper turned into a night owl. So it hasn’t been easy but we will get through this stage and I’m so proud to call her my daughter. She rocks my world.

reindeer 1

Weight/Size: Today Jasmine weighed 20lbs 12oz. She’s still mostly wearing her 6-9 month clothes. I think she’s going to get loads of clothes for Christmas from family so that will work out well as I suspect she’ll be ready for the next size up in the New Year.

Sleeping: Jasmine still mostly sleeps through the night and on a good night she goes down at 8pm and sleeps until 7.30am which is great. However, we’ve had some rubbish nights lately where she’s woken up during the night crying (teeth, I’m guessing) or she’s just wanted to play or be cuddled. Sometimes she just won’t even settle to sleep in the first place which she’s always been so good at.

 She never went through a 4 month sleep regression but I think she’s making up for it now! We’ve also had to do a few long car journeys lately so she’s slept in her car seat during those and then hasn’t wanted to sleep at night. She will have power naps in the day but not for very long – 15-20 minutes and she’s awake again. So yeah, bedtimes have become a bit of a battle lately!

Feeding: Milk intake has varied massively from day to day – some days she wants her normal 4 bottles of 8oz and others she barely drinks anything. I’m sure it’s down to taking in more solids now and also some fussiness caused by teething.


She tends to have 2 meals a day (she’s still not overly bothered by having a third) so she’ll either have breakfast or dinner or lunch and dinner. Since we switched to Baby Led Weaning about a month ago weaning has been going incredibly well. There hasn’t been a single thing she hasn’t tried. She sits in her snug seat and methodically nibbles on everything that’s placed in front of her. She seems to enjoy most things but especially enjoys the following:










I love watching her try new foods and we’re really enjoying eating meals together. The dog loves clearing up afterwards! ;)

mybear 2

Milestones: She has teeth!! Just a couple of days after I posted Jasmine’s 7 month update her bottom two teeth popped up and they are so adorable. It took a little while to get used to her not having a gummy smile anymore. I have feeling her top two teeth are on the way so she may have a couple more by next month’s update!

Jasmine desperately wants to crawl. She can do something that *looks* like crawling but… it ain’t crawling – she doesn’t go anywhere. It’s more of a faceplant the floor and wriggle about a bit kind of movement. I feel so sorry for her because she really wants to be on the move and she gets so frustrated with herself. She’s become the rolliest rolling thing that ever did roll and nothing or nobody is safe but it doesn’t quite cut it for her. Oh and changing her nappy/clothes is such a struggle – she does not stay still for more than 2 seconds!

This month also saw us have a couple of days apart for the first time which went really well and Stephen enjoyed spending some quality with Jasmine. I really missed her but it was good for me to have a break and was lovely to come home and see her little face light up! Next week I’ll be spending my first full night away from her as I’m going to a gig in London. I feel a bit more prepared now but it will be weird not doing the bedtime routine with her.

A couple of times this month Jasmine has started dancing (rocking and back and fourth) to music. We first noticed her doing it when we were having breakfast out one morning and Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69” playing on the radio – it was hilarious.


Likes: Food, her jellycat bunny, the TV remote, my mobile phone, cardboard boxes

Dislikes: Zoo animals (she was petrified of everything when we took her to the zoo!), being dressed, not being able to crawl, having her faced wiped, tinsel.

I’m really looking forward to Jasmine’s first Christmas and seeing her spend time with family members that we don’t get to see very often. I know she’s going to be spoiled rotten too!

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Jasmine’s 5 month update


The start of this month was a particularly tough one, I went from having a very chilled out baby to one that would become extremely over-tired and irritable. She would scream until her face turned red and was often inconsolable – it was really hard to deal with as I just couldn’t make her happy. Eventually, after a tantrum, she would just fall asleep but it wasn’t pleasant experience. I believe Jasmine was going through ‘leap four’ (according to the Wonder Weeks app) and I’ve been reassured by many other mums that they too had gone through a similar period of fussiness with their baby’s around roughly the same sort of age.

Thankfully, the worst of it seems to be over and I have my calm baby back… for now anyway.

So, what’s new this month?

Health: Since her tummy bug last month, Jasmine has been absolutely fine health wise. I’ve noticed that she does have a little bit of cradle cap. If you know any good ways of treating it then please do let me know. I’ve heard coconut oil works wonders?

Weight: Yesterday I took Jasmine to our local self-weigh clinic and she weighed 17lb 3oz.

Sleeping: At 19 weeks old we decided to move Jasmine into her own room and into her big girl cot. She seemed to be pretty tight on space in her Bednest and she was also starting to roll into the sides of it during the night. I finally set up our baby monitor (I think I qualify as a MENSA member now!) so I can still hear every little noise Jasmine makes. We continued with our normal bedtime routine (you can read more about our routine here) and she’s been totally unfazed by the move to her nursery. She’s still sleeping through the night from 10pm to around 8-8:30am. We are so lucky!

Feeding: Still no solids yet! I finally decided on and purchased a highchair plus I’ve bought lots weaning bits too. (You can see my ASDA weaning haul here) So when the time comes, we are all set. Jasmine has started paying a lot more of an interest in what we are eating  now and will stare at us intently at mealtimes, begrudging us every bite! I’ve put her in her highchair a few times whilst I’ve been in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, just so she gets used to it. She’s pretty happy in it but does still ‘schlump’ a bit so I’d prefer her to be able to sit up a bit better before we start weaning. As for her milk, she has between 5 – 8oz of formula every four hours.

Milestones: 20 weeks was a bit of a landmark week for Jasmine – the baby who hated tummy time lifted her head up for the first time (rather than licking the floor and making grunting sounds) and, dare I say it, has even started to enjoy being on her front!

Also, after all this time of merely tolerating baths, she’s started to enjoy them too – she kicks her feet and squeals with delight.

Best of all, Jasmine giggled for the first time. Full on, proper giggle. For months Jasmine has made all sorts happy noises – coos, squeals and what I affectionately refer to as her ‘dolphin noises’ but has never actually giggled. However, the other morning when I was blowing raspberries on her tummy – the sweetest little giggle escaped from her mouth. It was the best sound I’ve ever heard and now I’m totally addicted to trying to make her laugh. She’s one tough cookie though and certainly makes you work hard for them.

Jasmine’s hair is growing thick and fast at the moment although she is still losing some too as I see patches of it on her mattress. Her locks are currently a lovely light brown, a mixture of mine and her daddy’s hair colours. Her eyes are still blue but look like they are starting to change colour.

Likes: sucking her thumb, the TV, Heidi, sitting in her Snug, naps, tummy time (YAY!), her muslins, having books read to her, her moose!

Dislikes: having her hair washed and not a whole lot else! :)

I don’t know why but the thought of Jasmine turning 6 months old scares me. I may be a bit emotional writing her next update. Hold me.

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Jasmine’s 4 month update

I think the last month or so has seen some of the biggest changes in Jasmine yet and she really is becoming a little person now. She looks that little bit older every day – it really scares mama just how quickly she’s growing!

Health: In my last update there was some concern over Jasmine’s hips and both the health visitor and doctor agreed that she had signs of possible hip dysplasia. Well, after several weeks of waiting we finally received a letter from the pediatrician saying he didn’t think it was necessary to take any further action. Phew!

Unfortunately, Jasmine did end up at the doctors for another reason. She had her first tummy bug and it was pretty horrendous. She was fine in herself, still relatively happy and smiley but she was producing 6 or 7 dirty nappies (loose stools) a day for almost two weeks. The doctor wasn’t overly concerned and eventually the bug did just work it’s way out of her system but it did leave my poor girl with a very sore bottom. Thankfully she’s in perfect health again now.

Weight: Today Jasmine weighed 15lbs 8oz, that means she’s put on 2lbs 8oz since last month.

Sleeping: *pops a party popper* She’s sleeping though the night!! For the best part of two months Jasmine’s favourite time to wake up was 4am. She woke up for a feed at this time every single night until one day she just stopped. As simple as that. Her new wake up time is between 7 and 8am which is amazing! The only problem is that around 5am she starts to fuss and kick in her sleep, she never actually wakes but it must be part of her sleep cycle because it’s every night. This wakes me up and then I struggle to get back to sleep so I’m still just as tired as when she was waking up for a night feed. We are toying with the idea of putting her in her own room soon as I’m finding the disruptive sleep really difficult to deal with.

Jasmine tends to have two long naps during the day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. These can last several hours, this is when mama does the house work (obviously I mean blogging!)

Feeding: Jasmine now drinks anywhere between 5-7oz of milk every 4 hours during the day. Her last feed is still around 10pm right after her bath and massage. She loves grabbing on to her bottle and quite often has hold of it all by herself, very impressive!

Whilst she’s fascinated by watching Stephen and I eat our dinner, she’s still very content with her milk so I’ve no plans to start early weaning, we’ll just see how it goes for now. For the time being I am just doing some research on weaning so that when the time comes I’m ready for it. (You can see the post I did on useful weaning websites here.)

Playtime: I love watching Jasmine play even more at the moment because she’s so much better at controlling her actions. She can move her arms and legs purposely to kick and reach out to her toys on her bouncer or playmat.

She’s not quite laughing yet but she does these cute little high pitched dolphin squeals which I find so adorable!

Loves: Nibbles the mouse, sucking her thumb, Coldplay, sitting up (propped against pillows or sofa cushions) and shoving her hands in her gob!

Jasmine with her new best friend, Nibbles the Mouse!

Hates:  Tummy time (still!), having her hair washed, loud noises

Looking forward to what the next month brings…

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Jasmine’s 3 month update

Another month has been and gone and I’m still no closer to finding that elusive ‘pause’ button. I’m starting to think that maybe it doesn’t exist. :(

As I write this, Jasmine is sat beside me in her bouncer, snoring her little heart out! Three months on and I still cannot believe it, I have a daughter. (Does it ever sink in?)

Anyway, enough soppiness, on with the update…

Health: In our 2 month update I mentioned that our health visitor was a bit concerned about Jasmine’s hips, this was due to the fact that her legs were slightly different lengths and her thigh creases were uneven. These are both signs that there could be some Hip Dysplasia. The HV asked that we visit a GP to get a second opinion so we booked an appointment for a couple of weeks later, which is all they had available at the time. (You can read about that doctor’s visit here.) The long and short of it is that the Doctor agreed with my HV and referred Jasmine to a paediatrician for an ultrasound on her hips. Almost two weeks have passed and we’ve heard NOTHING. Nothing from our health visitor who said she’d call us. Nothing from our GP surgery. And absolutely NOTHING from the hospital regarding an appointment to get Jasmine’s hips checked. I feel so frustrated as from what I’ve read about Hip Dysplasia, time is of the essence, the sooner it is fixed the better chance of a full recovery. It’s horrible to be told that there could be something wrong with your child and then have to wait for so long to find out if there actually is or not! So as it stands, Jasmine may or may not have Hip Dysplasia.

(UPDATE: I spoke to a health visitor today who said it can take up to 4 weeks to hear back from the hospital. Joy!)

Weight: I took Jasmine down to our local self-weigh-in clinic this morning as she hasn’t been weighed for ages, she’s now exactly 13lbs!

Sleeping: This month saw us implement a bedtime routine (read about it here) which was the best move we could’ve made. We’ve all slept a lot better since and we get about 5/6 hours of unbroken sleep a night which is amazing! Generally Jasmine has her last feed around 10pm and then sleeps until 4am (although she didn’t wake up until 5am this morning – yay!)

Feeding: People often ask me “Is she a good eater?” and I still don’t really know what they mean by this. She eats. I suppose she’s pretty good at it? It’s a weird question. Jasmine drinks 5-6oz of formula every 3-4 hours during the day although she does occasionally go even longer if she’s particularly sleepy.

Playtime: Jasmine is still a big fan of her playmats and loves to grab and kick at the toys hanging down above her. She particularly loves the noisy ones which can sometimes send mummy a bit loopy.

A toy that she’s really fond of at the moment is the Lamaze Peacock which was a gift from my friend Jeni. It keeps me entertained for hours, let alone Jasmine. ;)

Thumbsucking: We have a thumb sucker! We’ve so far managed to resist temptation to give Jasmine a dummy but this week she took matters in to her own hands (literally). Over the last couple of weeks Jasmine has really found her hands and as a result of that they are constantly in her mouth! I thought it was only a matter of time before she started to suck her thumb and lo-and-behold this week she did! It’s so cute and instantly calms her down. Daddy managed to catch the moment on his phone…

Loves: Her muslin cloths, the Lamaze peacock, massages, 4am, Heidi, smiling, sucking her thumb!

Hates: Tummy time and having her hips/legs checked :(

This upcoming month is going to be an exciting one for us. Wanna know why? My mum is coming back to the UK from New Zealand and she’ll be meeting her granddaughter for the very first time. It’s gonna be emotional, folks!

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Jasmine’s 2 month update

Wow, yet another month has flown by and yesterday Jasmine turned 8 weeks old. It was only when we visited some friends and their tiny newborn at the weekend I realised just how much she’s grown/changed over the last few weeks.

Today we’ve had a busy day with her 8 week visit from the Health Visitor this morning and then her first set of jabs this afternoon.

Our lovely health visitor, Claire, was very happy with Jasmine’s growth and weight gain. The only slight concern was that her thigh creases aren’t symmetrical and her legs are slightly different lengths. This can be a sign of Hip Dysplasia so we’ve got an appointment with a GP in a couple of weeks time just to check it over. Claire assured me that 9 times out of 10 it’s all OK but like most things it’s better to get it checked out.

I had been dreading her jabs all day (OK, all week!) but it was actually fine in the end. I had to wake her up for her injections, she cried after the first one and screamed for the second (which the nurse warned me would be more painful) but within 10 seconds she’d fallen back to sleep and she’s still asleep now! Fingers crossed she doesn’t have any bad reactions to the vaccinations in the next 24 hours.

Jabs? What jabs?!

Weight: 11lbs 4oz

Clothes: Over the last week or so, I have had to put more and more of Jasmine’s clothes away as they no longer fit her. *sad face* Until recently she was still in newborn babygros but she’s now starting to move into her 0-3 month clothes, she seems to be an awkward in-between size at the moment!

Smiles: The day before Jasmine turned 6 weeks old she gave me her first proper smile. I knew it was the real thing because her eyes lit up. It’s a moment I’ll never forget and each smile since makes my heart melt. She doesn’t just given them out willy-nilly though, oh no, you have to work for them! This morning I was bustin’ moves in my dressing gown to Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ to get a gummy smile from Little Miss. It worked, she thought it was hilarious. To be fair, she has a point.

The first couple of smiles required so much concentration that they made her cross-eyed!

Playtime: Jasmine likes to spend time on her play mat and she’s now starting to reach out to the toys that hang above her and is more deliberate with her arm and leg movements. She makes sweet little cooing noises as she does it. She’s not such a fan of tummy time though and spends more time trying to see what her cushion tastes like rather than lifting her head. Her neck strength has come on leaps and bounds though, she’s perfectly capable of holding her head up now which means less fat lips for me as I was constantly getting headbutted in the mouth before!

Sleeping: Over the last few days Jasmine has been doing longer stints of sleeping from late evening onwards. She’s been sleeping 6 hours straight from from around 9pm which is amazing. I just need to figure out a way of pushing it back a bit as Stephen and I have been going to bed about 10:00pm just to benefit from it. Still, not complaining – long may it continue. *crosses fingers and toes* She tends to fall asleep in her bouncer and then we transfer her to her cot – some times more successfully than others! Jasmine has also been spending more nights in her own bed too which I’m pleased about. She still worms her way into our bed for cuddles in the morning. :)


Feeding: Unfortunately I am no longer able to breastfeed or express milk (read about my breastfeeding experience here) so she is solely formula fed now. She has between 4-5oz every two to three hours excluding her long evening stint of sleeping. We aren’t having so many reflux issues as we were a few weeks ago but she does get a bit constipated from time-to-time which makes for a very grumpy baby.

Loves: being read stories, mummy’s awful dancing, daddy’s silly faces, bouncer, play mat, other babies (she’s fascinated with other tiny humans), car journeys, 4am. o_O

Hates: having her nails cut, waiting any longer than 2 minutes for a bottle, bath time, being undressed.

I can’t wait to find out what the next month has in store for us…

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