Jasmine’s 15 month update

What a huge month is has been for my little girl. This is the month that Jasmine decided that she was ready to walk by herself, morphing into a fully-fledged toddler, almost overnight.


Surprise, surprise – I still haven’t been to the weigh-in clinic so I have no idea what Jasmine currently weighs (although, I can assure you, she’s very heavy!) She’s still in 12-18 month clothes and they seem to fit her quite well, although some pieces of her summer wardrobe already seem a snug fit!

Yesterday was an exciting day as we took Jasmine to Clarks to get her feet measured for her very first pair of proper shoes. Her feet are a size 3.5 G and she is now the proud owner of a pair of hot pink Doodles. The poor shop assistant struggled to take a picture of Jasmine sporting her new shoes as she was toddling about all over the place. Well, you do have to break new shoes in, don’t you?!



Jasmine has gone back to having two naps a day (despite the fact that she seemed to want to drop the afternoon nap last month). I think now that she’s walking, she gets quite tired and therefore needs the extra sleep again.

She wakes up between 7.30am – 8.00am and then goes back down for a nap at 10:00 am for around 2 hours. She will then have another short nap at around 3:00 pm. She goes to bed at 8:00pm.

She’s been sleeping a lot better this month and despite the heatwave (and her room being a toasty 30oC some nights) she’s still slept remarkably well. In fact, she even slept through a thunderstorm the other night!


2015-06-18 01.51.52 1

We’ve been making the most of the good weather this month and enjoying lots of alfresco dining! We’ve been out for lots of picnics and opted to eat dinner out in the garden during the warm evenings.

Whilst Jasmine still eats pretty well (as demonstrated in the photo above!) she does seem to prefer to play with her food these days. Often when I place her food in front of her she will spend 5 minutes sorting it into piles before she decides she’s going to eat it. She has started using her spoon a lot more when eating, although after a short while she tends to revert back to using her hands! After all, that gets the job done a lot quicker!

She’s finally learned the sign for ‘finished’ but you have to move quickly if you want to avoid a floor covered in food. There’s about a 0.5 second gap between her signing ‘finish’ and sweeping the leftover food onto the floor! Joy. ;)

She has 3 bottles of cow’s milk each day – one in the morning, another at 3:00 pm before her afternoon nap and the last one at bedtime.


Only one milestone this month but what a milestone is it! After weeks of taking a few shaky independent steps between mummy and daddy or pieces of furniture – Jasmine finally decided she was ready to let go of our hands and start walking by herself. I still can’t quite get used to the fact that she’s now walking around the house! She suddenly seems that much bigger and more grown up.

This month Jasmine…

Became a fully fledged toddler!

Enjoyed picnics at the park.

Played in her paddling pool for the first time.

Had her first paddle in the sea at Cromer beach in Norfolk.

Became super-sensitive to loud noises, often freaking out if she hears a loud bang such as a door slamming or a dog barking.

Puts her face up to mine when when I ask her for a kiss.

Likes: the seaside, Bunny, Heidi or “Didi” as Jasmine calls her, playing in her paddling pool, her sandpit, remote controls, Sing & Sign DVD, fruit.

Dislikes: loud noises, not getting her own way, having her face and hands wiped, nappy changes (although she has been a lot better with these this month), wearing her sunhat.

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Jasmine’s 14 month update

I’m a little late with Jasmine’s update post this month as we’ve had a busy couple of weeks. What with the wedding and our holiday in Devon – I decided to take a bit of a blogging break and simply enjoy the time with my husband (it still feels weird saying that) and my favourite little lady.

So here we go, better late than never…


I’ve not had Jasmine weighed since turned one-year-old but I may pop along to the weigh-in clinic this week as I have sneaking suspicion that Jasmine is on the cusp of being too big for her car seat so I really need to check!

Jasmine’s finally outgrown the last of her 9-12 month clothing. I may have spent all my birthday money on updating her wardrobe. #mumlife


Some of the biggest changes this month have been sleep related. Up until this point Jasmine had always been a good sleeper so let me tell you, the following changes were a massive shock to the system for mummy and daddy!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Shortly after turning 13 months old, Jasmine would cry at bedtimes and take up to an hour to settle which was totally out of character for her. She also started waking up very early in the morning at around 5-6am.

Jasmine will quite often go without her afternoon nap although this tends to make her quite grouchy in the evening. If we’ve been particularly busy during the day then she might go down for a 30 minute snooze but now she generally will have a longer nap in the morning at around 10am which can range from anywhere between 30 minutes to over 2 hours. Very random!


Jasmine finally dropped her afternoon bottle. She just stopped asking for it (in baby sign) so I replaced the bottle of milk with a beaker of water and a small snack such as a bread stick or piece of fruit.

She’s still very much into most food but has started having ‘fussy days’ where she prefers to throw her food on the floor rather than eat it. This could be down to teething or just her way of trying to push my buttons. Either way, I try to ignore it, clear it up and carry on as normal – hopefully she’ll soon get bored of it!


I still don’t consider Jasmine to be walking independently, although she is perfectly capable of doing so! She’s walked several metres between Stephen and I but very much prefers to crawl and cruise still. Although in the last few days she’s been very insistent on forcing us to ‘help’ her walk everywhere. She will grab our hands and drag us in whichever direction she wishes to walk. I feel like now it just comes down to confidence – she can SO do it, she just needs to realise she’s capable of doing it herself. (and not just because the constant task of ‘helping her’ to walk gives me backache!)

This month Jasmine has added a couple more signs to her baby signing vocabulary – “dog” and “fish”. I’ve been a bit lazy with signing over the last few weeks and I’ve noticed that as a result she’s also not using it as much so I need to get back to it. I’m hoping to start Stage 2 Sing and Sign classes in September.

Jasmine’s cut two more teeth this month (which might have explained the bad sleep at the start of the month). Two top molars have partially come through (ouch!) and that means she now has a total of 10 teeth!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

This month Jasmine….
  • Tried her first homegrown strawberries.
  • Went on a day trip to Bristol Aquarium with Daddy.
  • Has grown in confidence at her swimming lessons and will now happily jump into the water from the side of the pool.
  • Started helping Mummy water the plants.
  • Enjoyed a family BBQ and doted on her big cousin N the whole time.
  • Outgrew lots of clothes. *sob*
  • Attended a wedding for the first time (and screamed during the ceremony, natch).

Likes: Sing & Sign DVD, Bunny, oranges, croissants, walking whilst holding mummy or daddy’s hand, Heidi, bath time, pasta, pulling things out of the cupboard, swings, animals, cuddles.

Dislikes: not getting her own way, having her face and hands wiped, nappy changes.

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Jasmine’s 13 month update

First steps, baby signs,  a new Bunny, Little Squigglers and Waterbugs – it’s been an eventful month for my little lady…

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I’ve not had Jasmine weighed since last month (she was 23lbs 6oz). I started packing away her 9-12 month clothes today *sob* as nothing in that size fits her anymore. I always feel so sad when I put some of my favourite items of her clothing into those vacuum bags. Always a good excuse to go shopping for more baby clothes though, right?


We seem to have returned to a better sleeping routine this month. Jasmine goes to bed around 7.30pm and normally wakes around 8.00am.

During the day she has a nap in the morning at around 10:30am (if we’re not out at one of our baby groups) which can last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Most days Jasmine will nap again in the late afternoon for an hour or so. On the days she doesn’t, she ends up very, very grouchy!


 Jasmine still eats very well and enjoys most food…. even if it’s not her own! Nobody else can eat anything without her sampling it too. Jasmine has always disliked bananas but if I have one? She points at it and makes her ‘Uh! Uh! Uh!’ noise until I let her have a bite.

At the moment, when she’s finishes eating she has a terrible habit of just throwing her food on the floor which she never used to do. Just as well we have a dog, eh?

She’s still having 3 bottles of milk a day –

1x 7oz late AM before nap time

1x 6oz around 3.30pm before PM nap

1x 7oz before bedtime at 7.30pm

We have introduced cow’s milk with no problems so once we’ve used up our current box of formula we will make the switch to cow’s milk.


This week Jasmine has taken her first proper steps – 3 or 4 at a time to walk between mummy and daddy. She’s so good on her feet but now needs to learn to be more confident with it. She still prefers to cruise around furniture at the moment but she is getting braver and braver every day. It won’t be long before she’s a fully fledged toddler.

We *think* Jasmine has said her first word: “Heidi” but it’s so high pitched that it’s hard to tell. It certainly sounds like that’s what she’s saying though!

This month Jasmine has added more signs to her baby signing vocabulary – “more”, “eat”, “bird/duck”, “pig”, “up” and “down” and “shoes”.

Last month Jasmine had learned to climb on furniture and would often throw herself off said furniture head first. Now she’s got a technique to get down from sofas, beds etc.  by swinging her legs around and slowly lowering herself feet first. As you can imagine, I am really rather relieved about this milestone!

Every day she shows me that she understands the world around her a little more. Today she found a small baby brush and started brushing her hair with it. She’s obviously learned this from watching me brush my hair in the mornings. It made my heart melt. Now I really have to be careful what I do and say around her because she is like a little sponge!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What else is new?

Jasmine had her 1 year jabs a couple of weeks after her 1st birthday. One in each arm and one in her leg. It’s always very upsetting to see her in pain but we are so lucky that we live in a country where she can be protected from all sorts of nasty diseases. She was over the shock of the injections very quickly and fortunately, didn’t have any side effects. :)

Jasmine has become addicted to watching our Sing & Sign DVD. We can end up watching it 2 or 3 times a day, if not more. I wake up in the morning and go to bed with the songs stuck in my head! At least it’s educational I suppose. And she seems to be learning a couple of signs a week at the moment so it’s obviously all going into that noggin’ of hers!

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

This month we started going to ‘Little Squigglers’ messy play and sensory sessions. We’ve been to 3 so far and each week Jasmine seems to get more and more into it. She often prefers the ‘dry’ activities over the real messy ones but I still end up going home with paint in my hair and porridge over my jeans. :)

Two weeks ago we started Waterbugs swimming lessons. The first week Jasmine was incredibly nervous and just wanted to be hugged tight the entire time. By the second session she was getting more into the swing of things and was jumping off the side of the pool into my arms. I’m hoping she will continue to grow in confidence each week. I’m so very proud of my lil’ Water Bug! :)

Jasmine has been very bitey lately. She seems to get frustrated very easily (she’s in her 8th leap and the frustration probably stems from trying to learn to walk). She will bite whatever it is that’s bothering her – her walker, me, toys and even the radiator! I’m hoping this little habit passes very soon. If nothing else, I’m worried about her damaging her teeth!

We’ve also been having some toilet/bathtime issues… I’ll leave it at that.

We lost Jasmine’s Jellycat rabbit in town the other day which was horrible. Thankfully she took to the exact duplicate that we bought for her. But I’m very upset about losing her original Bunny!

Likes: Sing & Sign DVD (a bit too much), Bunny, peanut butter on toast, walking whilst holding mummy or daddy’s hand, Heidi, bath time, spaghetti, pulling things out of the cupboard, her noisy bird toy (or anything noisy for that matter), the swings, rides on her SmarTrike.

Dislikes: nappy changes, being dressed, waiting more than 5 seconds for her milk to be made (I get the stink-eye and a frustrated double-handed milk sign aimed at my general direction).

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Jasmine’s 12 month update

I can barely believe I am typing this but my little girl is now a whole year old. It seems like only yesterday we were rushing to the hospital so I could give birth to her (You can read Jasmine’s birth story here). And yet, it feels like she’s always been here. Crazy!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Yesterday she had a great day out for her birthday at a huge soft play centre in Ipswich. She tried everything and was totally in her element. Ball pits, tunnels, ride-on cars, swings – she adored it all and it was so lovely to see her that happy.


I made a big mistake by saying in last month’s update that Jasmine was over her cold and would hopefully be snot-free for a while. WRONG! She’s actually been very poorly this month – she had conjunctivitis, an ear infection and another cold and cough all at the same time. After seeing a doctor, Jasmine was prescribed eye ointment and antibiotics (fun). Thankfully these did help to clear up the eye gunk and ear infection pretty quickly, now she just has a lingering cold and a bit of a cough which wakes her up a night. I had never seen Jasmine so ill and out of sorts before and I found it very distressing to see her in that way.


After months and months of not going, I took Jasmine to the weigh-in clinic today. She weighed 23lbs 6oz!

She’s still in her Group 0+ car seat so I wanted to check that she’s not over the weight limit for that. She isn’t yet but we’ll need to start looking for a new car seat soon. If you have any recommendations for rear-facing car seats please leave them in the comments below. :)

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


In the couple of weeks leading up to the daylight savings clock changes, Jasmine was waking up earlier and earlier each morning until she was waking at 5.30am – ouch. Thankfully since the clocks went forward an hour she’s sleeping much better again.

She goes to bed between 7.30pm-8.00pm and wakes up anytime between 7.00am-8.30am.

She’s still napping twice a day for around an hour each time. She’ll have one in the morning and one in the afternoon although the actual times are quite varied. As soon as I notice she’s rubbing her eyes or getting grouchy I’ll pop her into her sleeping bag and into her cot and she’ll usually fall to sleep fairly quickly.


Understandably, having been unwell, Jasmine hasn’t been so into her food over the last few weeks. At lunch times she barely ate anything for a while but it seems like normal eating patterns are resuming at last.

She’s still having 3 bottles a day –

1x 8oz late AM before nap time

1x 7oz around 3.30pm before PM nap

1x 8oz before bedtime at 7.30pm

I had been hoping to wean her off of the afternoon milk this month but as she was not eating much due to being ill, I didn’t feel it was the right time to cut it out. To be honest, I’ll probably continue to let her have 3 bottles for as long as she wants them – it doesn’t affect her eating of solid foods so it doesn’t really bother me. I guess we will make the switch to Growing Up or cow’s milk. though.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Earlier this month Jasmine did her first baby sign for ‘milk’. She started off doing it back to us but now she will ask for milk (probably a bit too much) and scoot off to the kitchen to watch me make up her bottle.

She’s also started top point at things when we ask her where they are, for example “Where’s Heidi?” – she will then point at Heidi with such gusto, it makes my heart melt.

She’s getting so much better at cruising and will now take bigger steps between gaps in furniture. She’s getting very brave and I feel like her first independent steps are just around the corner. She’ll also leap into my arms if I hold them out ready to catch her.

She’s also taken to using her walker a lot more now – she’s finally realised what it’s for!

Climbing!! Jasmine has learned to climb on furniture – particularly the coffee table and the sofa. I am constantly of a nervous disposition, especially as she thoroughly enjoys chucking herself off said furniture head first!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What else is new?

We had a weekend away at Woburn Center Parcs and whilst Jasmine still wasn’t well enough to go to the swimming lessons we had booked for her, she did enjoy a toddler sensory class.

She also got to sit in a trailer attached to Daddy’s bike, which she thought was hilarious. She spent a lot of time giving people a royal wave. Too cute!


Likes: Bunny, riding in a bike trailer, peanut butter on toast, diving off furniture, brushing her teeth, cuddles, looking out of the windows into the garden, her wooden stacking hoops, Minion toy, pointing at things, guinea pigs, Popcorn, her SmarTrike.

Dislikes: Angel Delight messy play *cough*, nappy changes, being put in her carseat or pushchair.

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Jasmine’s 11 month update

I can’t, nay, REFUSE to believe that it will be Jasmine’s first birthday next month. This has truly been the quickest year of my life. Whilst the rate that time seems to be racing along at is scary terrifying, I’m not disappointed that I soon won’t have a ‘baby’ anymore. At the moment it feels like every day becomes that much more fun. Right now, Jasmine is very curious and into EVERYTHING but she is a proper ‘little person’ now with so much character. I love learning about her personality and watching her grow – it’s beyond fascinating.

Bring on, toddlerhood!


Again, I haven’t taken Jasmine to the weigh-in clinic this month because we’re normally at ‘Crawlers to cruisers’ instead. I gave up on most of her 9-12 month clothes and have started putting her into 12-18 months instead, and whilst they are big on her, they fit her so much better than the smaller size. I recently bought her loads of lovely Spring/Summer bits in a Debenhams 25% off event and now I’m looking forward to the good weather even more.



After what seemed like THREE consecutive colds in as many weeks, Jasmine has been snot free for a good week or so and seems to be completely over it. I’m hoping there won’t be any more colds for a while now. I should’ve bought shares in Snufflebabe!



Sleeping has also returned to being pretty consistent again after a few rough nights at the start of the month. Teeth? Leap? Cold? Who knows?! But she’s now back to sleeping from 8pm until around 7.30am. I am really proud of her because even whilst away on holiday she manged to stick to her sleep routine, despite all the driving and sleeping in 3 new locations in the space of a week. Good on ya, girl!

Naps are pretty much still the same as last month, although the afternoon nap has stretched out a bit longer *happy dance* –

30 minute nap around 11.30am

60-90 minute nap around 3.30pm



There have been several occasions over the last week or so where Jasmine has been off her food which is so unlike her but I think this has been down to teething. Her new favourite food is peas – she absolutely adores them and I love watching her chase them around with her thumb and forefinger – perfecting that pincer grip like a pro!

Other foods she really likes at the moment:

Dairylea on toast

Oranges (pretty sure she’s smashed the world record for speed eating oranges)




Organix tomato puffs

Chicken (definitely her preferred meat)

Sardines on toast



Anything tomato-y

She still has 3 bottles a day but has gone without the afternoon one a few times so I might start cutting it out over the next few weeks.


CRUISING!! In last month’s update Jasmine had started pulling herself up to standing. In a very short time she’s become an absolute pro when it comes to cruising – walking along side the sofas, coffee table or walls. She’s also taken a few steps with her walker.

This week Jasmine has cut 2 new bottom teeth (they always come in pairs!) so that’s a grand total of 8 teeth! That’s four up top and four on the bottom.

For the first time, it feels like Jasmine is giving proper hugs which is the best feeling ever. She’ll just randomly stop whatever she’s doing, crawl or cruise over to me or daddy and wrap her arms around us. It is so, so lovely.

She just seems to ‘get’ things a lot more – each day she shows us that she understands the world around her a little better. For example, she knows which toys belong to Heidi and she will pick one up and carry it from one side of the room to the other to give it to Heidi to play with. This makes my heart melt.

Jasmine’s much better at amusing herself now. She will happily sit and play with her toys for around 15-20 minutes before she requires attention again. She seems to be out of the clingy phase she was going though over the last few months. It has made life so much easier as I can go grab a shower or do a quick exercise video. It’s also not so tiring!

She’s really into her stacking toys – although she’s sticking to knocking them down for now! ;)

Her ‘cookie jar’ shape sorter is still a firm favourite and she loves spending time putting the shapes in and out of it.

Although Jasmine has been hi-5’ing people and pointing at things for a while she’s never waved… until now. She has started waving at anyone and everyone… even dogs and cats. It’s adorable. :) As well as waving she’s also started clapping too. Usually if I shout “Yaaay!” because she’s done something clever, she’ll give herself a little round of applause.


What else is new? 

Last week we went on holiday to Bluestone in Wales where Jasmine had lots of new experiences. She enjoyed soft play for the first time as well as having a go on a bouncy castle! She enjoyed half a sensory class (had to leave half way through because she got overtired and grouchy). And she went to beautiful Tenby beach. What a lucky girl!

Jasmine also seemed more into swimming this month. She’s always seemed a bit non-plussed by it but on holiday when we took her swimming she was giggling, kicking and splashing. It was the happiest I’ve ever seen her in the pool.

Likes: bunny, animals (our guinea pigs in particular), tickles, hugs, shape sorter, stacking blocks, brushing her own teeth, spitting water out, bath time, music, Heidi.

Dislikes: Nappy changes (Ditto, baby girl!), being dressed, not getting her own way.

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