Jasmine’s 20 month update

Gosh, how is my girl 20 months old? I cannot believe she’s going to be a two-year-old in 4 months time!

Let’s get cracking with her update, shall we?!


This month’s biggest change has come in the form of Jasmine’s vocabulary – it has exploded, almost overnight! She’s gone from using very few words (she mostly used baby sign to communicate) to using several new words every day. I was never particularly worried about her lack of vocabulary in the past because I knew she understood an awful lot and was still able to communicate to us by other means. I was sure it would all come in good time and it has – I’m blown away by how talkative she’s suddenly become.

Jasmine is a proper Daddy’s girl which has it’s pros and cons. It means she has a meltdown every time he leaves the house which makes our mornings super fun. It also makes me feel a bit pants because I think “Hey, am I that bad?!” On the other hand, it means when Stephen is around, I can go out or get other stuff done around the house and she’s quite happy to be with Daddy!

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I’m pleased to report that the biting incident from last month seems to be a one-off and she hasn’t done it since. Phew! She has quite a few little friends at nursery now and they wait for her to get there in the morning. It’s so sweet!

Jasmine had a habit of being asked to be picked up whenever we were out walking somewhere. It usually meant I’d be carrying her and trying to navigate her empty pushchair (which she refused to go in). The other day I had a moment of clarity and realised how ridiculous it was that I was carrying her everywhere. The last week or so I’ve been really strict with her and when she’s asked to be picked up I’ve told her that she needs to walk or go back in her buggy. OK so, it’s resulted in a fair few tantrums (the crying-facedown-on-the-pavement type) but she’s finally starting to get the message. She still asks to be picked up but usually just the once and after being told no, she’ll usually carry on walking. It’s a working progress.


Thankfully, Jasmine seems to be over the 18/19 month sleep regression she was going through and is now back to sleeping relatively well at night. She goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps until around 7am. The naps are back also – I put her down after lunch at 1pm and she sleeps until 3pm.

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Aside from the usual nursery/playgroup colds (sigh) – Jasmine had an awful stomach bug this month. In fact, we all had it. It was grim! If anybody knows how to get sick stains out of carpet then let me know!

This month Jasmine:

  • learned to say lots of words and sounds including: Baby, Tree, Up, Down, Bike, No (joy!), Roar, Meow, Snack.
  • had her first ride on the teacups.
  • had a tummy bug.
  • started poking her tongue out, constantly!
  • got an early Christmas present – her very first baby doll.
  • enjoyed visiting the garden centre and christmas fayre to see all the lovely festive things they had on display.

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Likes: going down slides, Bunny, dancing to the Peter Rabbit theme tune, animals, playing with dolls and pushchairs, riding on the teacups, her Smart Trike, drawing, playing with playdoh, poking her tongue out, raisins.

Dislikes: having her teeth brushed, nappy changes, green vegetables!

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Jasmine’s 19 month update

Jasmine turns 19 months today and the landmark completely crept up on me – this last month has seemed to have flown by. I wouldn’t say there have been any major changes over the last month or so, it’s felt more like there have been lots of subtle little developments – the odd new word here and there, understanding us and expressing herself better, the way she plays and interacts with the things around her. Subtle little changes that make think “When did she start being able to do that?”


Sleep has been pretty inconsistent this month and Jasmine has needed a lot more reassurance at bedtimes than she has done in the past. She frequently wakes up during the night very upset. I’m not sure if it’s down to teething, night terrors or something else. I know (from many a late night Google search that an 18-month sleep regression is quite common). Sometimes she’s upset because she’s woken up to find that she’s dropped Bunny out of her cot. Usually just sitting next to the cot and calmly talking to her is enough to get Jasmine to settle back down and fall asleep again. Although, it hasn’t always been as simple as that and we have had a fair few rough nights.

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Since Jasmine started nursery she’s constantly been ill – usually a cold – but a week or so ago it turned into a nasty chest infection. She also had an awful itchy rash all over body. She was so out of sorts and it was horrible to see her that poorly. Fortunately, the antibiotics did their thing and she’s bounced back very well. Let’s just hope it’s all building up her immune system.


In the last week I have noticed that Jasmine has become quite stroppy – stamping her feet when she doesn’t get her way and pulling the most grumpy face I’ve ever seen. She usually ends up bursting out with laughter though because I just can’t take her seriously and she knows I find the whole thing pretty hysterical.

One thing I don’t find funny however, is the fact that she has started hitting and biting people – myself included. I know she’s been doing it because she gets frustrated that she cannot express herself as well as she’d like but it’s not good. I was mortified when I had to sign an incident report at nursery. If anyone has any tips to help stop this I’d much appreciate it. It feels like she’s too young to really comprehend punishment – naughty step etc. so what do I do?

It goes without saying that she is a very sweet girl and I am highlighting the worst aspects of her behaviour in this update but only because it’s so out of character and if someone out there is reading this and can offer me a few nuggets of wisdom then great. Anyone?!

The separation anxiety isn’t just something that has been effecting her at nighttime but also during the day – when dropping her off at nursery or when Daddy goes to work. Heck, even if we go into another room in the house for 2 seconds!


Jasmine’s period of fussy eating seems to be over (for now) and has gone back to eating well again. I get told that she’s often last at the table at nursery because she has second helpings of lunch and she always finishes her meals at home too. She still has two beakers of milk a day – 1 in the afternoon before her nap and one before bedtime.

She’s addicted to raisins and will ask for them by using the sign for ‘raisins’ several times a day. With them being so sugary, I do try to limit the amount she eats but my word, that girl loves raisins – she’d eat them all day long if she could.

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This month Jasmine:

  • Made (and ate) rice krispie cakes for the first time.
  • Has become more interested in crafty things – such as drawing and painting.
  • Went to a new toddler group.
  • Had great fun with Nanny on a visit to Great Notley Country Park.
  • Started going down slides by herself (now the swings only get a passing glance at the park most of the time).
  • Went to our local soft play centre and loved it!

Splish Splash! {Living Arrows #11}

Likes: Bunny, Raisins, In the Night Garden, Slides, drawing with pencils (usually one in each hand), bathtime, cuddles, sliding down the stairs on her bum and scaring me half to death, cars and trucks.

Dislikes: Not getting her own way, having a dirty nappy (she’ll come up to me and tell me when it’s dirty).

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My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

Jasmine’s 18 month update

Today Jasmine turns 18-months-old and I’m enjoying this stage of toddlerhood a lot (minus the lack of sleep – more on that in the minute!) It’s fun discovering the little things that seem to spark her interest – mainly tractors and ducks, if you were wondering. She has such a cheeky character and will go out of her way to try and make you laugh – it would seem that she’s already a bit of a comedienne.

Jasmine started nursery this month and seems to have taken to it very well. She’s had a few clingy moments at drop-off time but mostly she just gets on with it and enjoys the activities they do there. It’s given me the bit of space that I craved and is giving her the social interaction that she lacked before – it’s made our weeks a lot happier.

She still doesn’t say much except for a few words “duck”, “dog”, “poo”, and “Haaaa” (That’s ‘Ha-Hoo’) but she still signs quite a lot and I don’t feel like we get as frustrated with each other, whilst trying to communicate, as we used to. She shakes her head for no and nods her head for yes (the former more than the latter).


This month Jasmine has had a sleep regression which, to be totally honest, was not a lot of fun. She would scream (in her sleep) throughout the night and also wake up ridiculously early in the morning. This lasted several weeks and happened to coincide with her tenth ‘leap’ (according to the Wonder Weeks App). Not only was she not sleeping well at night but also refused naps during the day too. It was an extremely exhausting time for us all but she seems to be (mostly) over it now – although she does still wake up a lot earlier than she used to but I’m hoping that the darker mornings might help with that.

Our bedtime routine looks a little something like this now:

5.45pm – Bathtime (every other night)

6.00pm – Clean nappy/PJs on

6.20pm – Watch In the Night Garden whilst drinking beaker of milk

6.50pm – Go up to her room and read a book whilst Jasmine finishes her milk

7.00pm – Bedtime!

She has one nap a day at 1pm for around 1-2 hours.


Last month I was pulling my hair out when it came to meal times. This month has been a lot better and Jasmine seems to have gotten out of the habit of throwing every. single. meal. on the floor (that’s not to say that the occasional spoonful of fromage frais doesn’t going flying across the room!) Lately she’s been better at using the ‘finished’ sign and passing me her bowl/plate which makes life a lot easier. She gets less frustrated with feeding herself these days too and has pretty much mastered using cutlery.

She eats very well at nursery and they often tell me that she’s last at the table because when the other kids have finished eating, well, she’s still going! She often ends up having second helpings too. This girl has certainly got her Daddy’s appetite!

She has a beaker of milk in the afternoon and another one just before bed. I binned all of her bottles this month and it felt oh-so-good to see the back of them!

This month Jasmine…

  • Started nursery!! She now goes for two mornings (10hrs) a week and seems to be really enjoying it.
  • Got to sit in a tractor at the Big Onion Food Festival and has been obsessed with them ever since.
  • Has come on leaps and bounds when using cutlery at meal times.
  • Still loves In the Night Garden. She make us melt when she says “Haahooo”.
  • Ditched the bottles and now only uses beakers for her milk and water.
  • Enjoyed a walk along Felixstowe promenade.
  • Became really affectionate – giving out hugs and blowing kisses. :)
  • Started wearing 18-24 months clothes.
  • Visited the Pumpkin patch, went on the pumpkin shaped bouncy castle and got lost in the maize maze. It was such a good day!

Likes: her cars and dump truck, In the Night Garden, playing with water, raisins, dancing, the swings, walking Heidi, bathtime, stacking blocks.

Dislikes: having her hands and face cleaned, being in her pushchair for more than 10 minutes, nappy changes.

I wonder what the next month has in store for us?!

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Jasmine’s 17 month update

My sweet girl is another month older. I have to admit, the last month has certainly had it’s challenges (more on that in a minute) but I am loving seeing Jasmine’s character develop more and more every day.

The weather has been atrocious this month so we have spent way more time indoors than we both would have liked but I like to think that we have made the best of it. In fact, being away from all of the distractions of every day life, I feel like I’ve gotten to know what really makes her ‘tick’.

Jasmine is happiest when she’s outdoors – whether that be out in the garden playing football (she’s pretty good at it too!) or out on one of our walks. She spends most of her time looking up at the sky as she is fascinated by flying things – namely birds and planes.

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So what’s new this month….


It’s been a good month for sleeping (always worried I’m going to jinx it when I say things like that). Jasmine generally sleeps from 7pm to 7am. She has mostly dropped her afternoon nap now but still has one from time to time. Instead, she goes back to bed around 10am for around an hour and half, and then she’s up until bedtime. I’d like to try and move the nap back a bit later so that it’s more in the middle of the day as she does end up being a tad crotchety in the afternoons.

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This last month has been certainly been challenging when it has come to feeding Jasmine. In fact, I will go as far to say that it’s been more stressful at meal times lately than it was when we first started weaning. I’ve had to do a lot of deep breathing and counting to ten, as Jasmine chucks her entire dinner on the floor… again. The fussiness that had started last month has only gotten worse.

Dinner times tend to be the worst meal of the day and Jasmine will pull faces at anything I present to her that isn’t pasta-based.

She also prefers to snack of food rather than have proper meals. She’d happily pick at food all day long if I let her. I’m trying to cut down on the snacks so that she has more of an appetite at meal times – with varying success.

It’s not all bad though, this month Jasmine has gotten so much better at using her cutlery. She still ends up using her spoon the wrong way round most of the time but her hand-eye coordination is getting much better. I just wish she would use these new-found skills to direct the food to her mouth, rather than flinging it across the kitchen.

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Enjoying a meal. Pasta-based, obvs!

This month Jasmine:

  • Visited a splash park for the first time and had an absolute ball!
  • Has showed the first signs of using imagantive play – she pretended to pour liquid from an empty bottle into some cups.
  • Seems to have regressed in terms of language and speech. Last month she had finally started using a few words, this month she’s barely used any at all and instead just uses grunts, screams and signs to express herself.
  • Learned how to sign ‘Motorbike’ and ‘Biscuit’.
  • Has gotten better and better at walking longer distances. She doesn’t fall over so much now and always impresses with me with how far she can walk (even if it’s not always in the right direction).
  • Became a bit obsessed with In the Night Garden. When it starts she will grab my hand and spin her forefinger in circles on my palm like they do in the opening credits. It makes me melt every time.
  • Loved getting cuddles from Nanny L when she visited over Bank Holiday weekend.
  • Got her first pack of crayons and loves drawing with them.

I wanted to include this video that Stephen filmed of Jasmine on his phone. He had it set to selfie screen mode and I love the way Jasmine reacts to it, trying to figure out who the little girl is that’s staring back at her. Some of the expressions and noises she makes are priceless:

Likes: her toy cars, Bunny, In the Night Garden, Pasta, bath time, going for walks, wearing her backpack, planes, birds, dancing to music.

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Dislikes: having dirty hands, having her face washed, being taken out of the bath, nappy changes.

The next month is sure to be an exciting one as we have family holiday to look forward to and Jasmine will be starting nursery! Hold me.

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Jasmine’s 16 month update

Wow, I feel like Jasmine has come such a long way in the last month or so – I’m blown away by it. Even though she only took her first tentative steps a month ago, having a crawling baby already seems like a it was a lifetime ago. In that baby’s place is a toddler with three different modes: “Asleep”, “Fast” or “Very fast”. She’s certainly keeping me active, that’s for sure…

This month she’s had more bumps, scratches, scrapes and bruises than she has in any other month in her life. It’s all the running around and climbing, she’s into everything! She’s becoming less clumsy and more agile by the day though, which is just as well because my nerves are already shot to pieces!


It suddenly occurred to me the other day that it would now be easy enough to use our own bathroom scales to weigh Jasmine. She loves stepping on them and making the numbers appear on the screen which certainly makes things easier. She currently weighs bang on 24lbs and is still wearing her 12-18 month clothes. Last week we finally bought her a Stage 1 car seat which makes her look so grown up!

She grew out of her first pair of Clarks shoes incredibly quickly and is now wearing size 4’s. She’s very cooperative when it comes to putting her shoes on, lifting up each foot as I put them on her. I think she knows that putting on footwear is usually followed by trip to the park!

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This month started off with bout of early wake-ups which was a bit of a shock to the system as Jasmine has nearly always slept in until around 7.30am-8.00am. I wondered if she was ready to drop her afternoon nap so we tried that but it didn’t work out too well at all. It just meant she was incredibly grumpy in the afternoons and was STILL waking up early.

Since then she’s gone on to have a bit of mixed sleeping routine. Some days she will just have one long nap in the morning until around lunch time and then power through until bedtime. Other days she will have two shorter naps. She is, at least, waking up a little later now at around 7am. I suspect she will drop one of her naps completely in the next month or so.


Jasmine is always hungry, like, ALWAYS. She does her own version of the ‘eat’ sign, which involves putting her index finger in her mouth and biting on it. Whenever I ask her if she would like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. she always does this sign very enthusiastically. Other ways of her letting us know that she’s hungry include pulling at the kitchen cupboard doors or, if that doesn’t work, she will just loot them of their contents and then eat them in front of you…

Despite her big appetite Jasmine has become an extremely fussy eater and some days will turn her nose up at (or more accurately, throw on the floor) anything we give her… and then ask for more! It’s very, very frustrating but we do try not to make too much of a big deal out of it, I am sure it’s just another one of these toddler phases that will pass eventually. Hopefully before our dog gets too fat!

Jasmine still has three bottles of cow’s milk a day most days. One after breakfast, another around 3pm and then one at bedtime.

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Jasmine had two more teeth pop through this month and despite it being her bottom two molars, she’s seemed totally unfazed by it. That now brings her up to a total of 12 teeth!

Now that she’s got her head around that walking malarkey, it seems Jasmine has started to take more of an interest in talking and words. The last couple of weeks in particular, she has started saying words, or things that sound more like words, to communicate rather than just signing or babbling.

She spends 95% of her waking day pointing at things and shouting “Look!”. She also loves her ‘First Words’ picture book and often brings it over to me and sits on my lap. She’ll point at items on each page saying “That?” over and over, as I tell her what the things are. Although she cannot say the names of them herself yet she knows what a lot of them are. I will say “Where’s the orangutan?” and she’ll point at the picture of the orangutan. If I say “Where’s the horse?” she will point at the horse and make a clicking noise with her tongue. It’s the the noise we make when she’s riding on her rocking horse.

It’s not really a milestone but I wanted to include this anyway…

This morning when I was hugging Stephen before he left for work, Jasmine toddled over to us and put her arms around us both. It was so sweet and I love how affectionate she is becoming.

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Likes: Bunny, spotting planes in the sky, animals, stacking rings, shape sorter, dancing, bath time, In the Night Garden, Sing and Sign DVD, cheerios, aggravating Heidi, her new car seat, our guinea pigs.

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Dislikes: having her nappy changed, leaving the park, being put in her pushchair, having her hands and face wiped.

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