Jasmine at two and a half years old

I’ve been meaning to write an update for Jasmine for a few months but every time I sit down to write it, I feel a bit overwhelmed by how much she has changed and developed. She’s a little sponge and is learning new things everyday, especially when it comes to her speech and language. She seemed to get off to quite a slow start in terms of learning to talk but the words and phrases are coming thick and fast now. She cracks me up with her little retorts and she’s getting a little too smart for her own good!

Jasmine wears age 2-3 sized clothes, although I think some people would be shocked to know that. Almost every time we’re out, at the park for example, somebody will comment on Jasmine’s size.

“How old is she?”
“Two and half.”
“Oh… she’s tall for her age, isn’t she?”

Clearly she gets her height from her daddy… not her 5ft1 mummy!

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One of the main things that has evolved over the last few months is Jasmine’s imagination. She loves pretend play and will often be running around the garden shouting “Ruuuuuuuuun, Dinosaur Rex coming!!” I also spend a lot of time pretending to eat ice creams she’s made for me. It’s a good job that imaginary ice creams contain no colories!

Coinciding with this wonderful imagination is a fear of the dark. Jasmine’s recently been requesting to keep the lights on and have the door pulled ajar at bedtime – not every night, but fairly often. Once she’s asleep I will go and shut the door and turn off the main light (she had a nightlight in her room) so we don’t disturb her when we go to bed.

We did attempt potty training in the summer and although Jasmine was really keen at first (went and did a wee in the potty, completely unprompted) the novelty wore off after a few days and she refused to wee or poo unless she had a nappy on. I decided to leave it a little while and try again at a later stage. I’d love to have her out of nappies before baby number two arrives (due November) but I’m not going to force her to be potty-trained for my own benefit. We’ll see how it goes but for now, she’s still in nappies full time.


Jasmine can recognise many shapes including ‘heart’ and ‘star’ as well as colours. For a while everything was “pink” but now she’ll walk along the street and name the colours of cars as she walks past them. She likes counting things but still doesn’t say numbers in order. Her counting goes a bit like this: “2…4…4…5”.

She’s always interested in looking at clocks and asking the time, she even pinches Daddy’s iphone so she can ask Siri what the time is! (Of course, Siri doesn’t recognise her voice but that doesn’t stop Jasmine from trying!)

About 3-4 weeks ago I decided do away with Jasmine’s afternoon nap. She had become less and less interested in going to sleep after lunch and it would often take her over an hour to settle. And whilst she did eventually fall asleep, and usually nap fro up to two hours, she would then take ages falling to sleep at night. The evening bedtime routine started getting longer and longer. It’s been difficult for both of us to adjust – I miss the break and she does get tired and grouchy in the afternoon but to be honest, it was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be. The days are longer and tiring for us both (especially with me being pregnant) but pretty much as soon as her head hits the pillow at 7pm she’s fast asleep and, more often than not, doesn’t wake up for 12.5 hours!

Instead of having that nap after lunch, we tend to snuggle on the sofa and watch a DVD – it means we both get a bit of quiet time and a chance to recuperate from the morning’s activities before round two!


Being a typical two year old Jasmine has plenty of tantrums. Tonight she was in an angry fit of rage for about 10 minutes because I put her PJ top on. She was yanking at it, biting it and shouting “I don’t like it t-shirt”. Once she calmed down she walked over to me and said “Sorry, mummy – I tired”. Those kind of tantrums I can deal with but it’s the ones where she bites/kicks/scratches at me or her dad because she hasn’t got her own way – I find them mega hard work.

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She is still obsessed with playing hide and seek and makes me hide with her from ‘Dadsy Poopy Pants’.

She often gets mistaken for a boy because she wears clothes with dinosaurs on (grrr!) and she’s very particular about what she will wear. I tend to shop for her clothes in the ‘boys section’. She’s very rough and tumble – not remotely interested in princesses and such like. She likes cars and dinosaurs!

In July, I decided to do a little video portrait of Jasmine. I take a lot of photos of her but there’s nothing quite like video to capture her little expressions and quirks…

The way she ‘helps’ hang the washing out to dry, kissing my knickers before hanging them up(?!)

How she loved to (over)feed our guinea pig, Dexter. (Who is now in guinea pig heaven… due to old age… not being overfed!)

When she’s having a quiet, contemplative moment whilst hugging her giant teddy bear.

The way she blows dandelions… without actually blowing the dandelions.

Anyway, I thought where better to share this video than in her latest update post so here it is:


Likes: Bunny (still her most prized possession), Peter Rabbit, tractors, pirates, ride-on toys, playdoh, water play, being outdoors, going to the park, trike rides, animals, ‘huggles’, having showers, drawing/painting, Go Jetters,

Dislikes: being in her carseat, nappy changes, getting dressed, bedtimes, brushing her teeth.

I will finish up this post with a Jasmine quote that really made me smile…

*Jasmine is searching for something in the front room*

Me: “What are you looking for, Jasmine?”
Jasmine: “I looking for trouble, Mummy.”

I guess the next time I write an update on Jasmine, she will be a big sister. Something I’m excited and nervous about in equal measure. Wish us luck!

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Jasmine’s 25 & 26 month update

It’s been a little while since I last wrote an update on Jasmine and I have to say, the first couple of months of parenting a two-year-old have been very, erm, interesting! I’ll get the negative bit out of the way because I don’t want to dwell on it. The couple of weeks leading up to and after Jasmine’s 2nd birthday (so we’re talking a month or so in total) almost broke me. She was having tantrums almost constantly throughout the day – and I mean full on screaming/kicking/biting tantrums. She could go from zero to ten in a split second and we both (my husband and I) found it very hard to deal with. Thankfully, after a few weeks of this behaviour it seemed to peter out – she still has her moments, don’t get me wrong – but the tantrums are far less frequent and intense.

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Her nighttime sleeping has been a little all over the place and for a while she woke up crying several times a night. Lately, that hasn’t been such a problem either but now we’re having issues when we put her to bed. She seems to have some kind of separation anxiety in the evenings. The moment we leave the room at night she starts to cry – we often have to go back in and settle her 5-10 times but eventually she does fall asleep. She seems to be (mostly) fine at nap times and still sleeps from 1pm until around 3pm.

Jasmine’s been a lot better at meal times lately, too. There are still days where she will flat out refuse to eat dinner (in which case she goes without) but on the whole she has returned to eating well. She nearly always has double helpings of lunch when she’s at nursery. I find that she is hungriest in the morning and can often end up having 2-3 breakfasts (and then still wants to steal some of mine!)

She still has 5oz milk in the afternoon and another 4oz at bedtime. We had to cut her quantity of bedtime milk down because she was waking up with a leaky nappy almost every single morning.

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Jasmine is still infatuated with a little boy called Owen (from her nursery). And talks about him every single day. Even whilst we were on holiday in Lanzarote and she hadn’t seen him for over a week, she would still mention him every day. It must be love?!

Aside from the tantrums we had on holiday (and there were LOTS) we had a really lovely time. Jasmine’s favourite thing to do was go swimming and over the course of we week we watched her confidence grow. We’re trying to keep up with swimming regularly now that we’re back at home to keep the confidence and enthusiasm going. She loved going to the beach too but was very fearful of the sea. Instead of paddling in the water, she much preferred to chase birds around, trying to feed them fistfuls of sand (?!)

Jasmine’s current obsession is playing “hide seek” – all she wants to do is hide around the house from mummy and daddy. The only problem is that she giggles far too much and gives the game away – either that or she puts her finger to her mouth and goes “Shhhhhhhh”… really loudly. We pretend not to find her, of course, and eventually she cannot take it anymore and jumps out from wherever she’s hiding whilst shouting “FOUND YOU!”. She often asks to hide from Daddy an hour or so before he’s even due to leave work. This means I’ve spent a lot of time under tables and down the side of sofas recently.

Jasmine has recently taken a dislike to brushing her teeth. She does have her second set of bottom molars coming through which could explain why…. or it could just be another way for her to assert her independence. I bought a battery powered toothbrush for her after somebody suggested it. Now I have the opposite problem – I can’t get the damn thing off of her!

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In the last update I mentioned that Jasmine hadn’t really started putting words together yet but since then her speech has come a long, long way. She’ll now put 3-4 words together. For example, the other day we were having a insect hunt in the garden and she called out “Bugs, where are you?!”

She loves to count. But her counting goes like this: “Two… Nine… Six… Six”. Every single time.

She also likes to point out colours of things – she gets ‘blue’ and ‘green’ right most of the time but everything else is ‘pink’ according to her.

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Here’s some phrases and words Jasmine says a lot at the moment…

“Awww cute…. hug?” – about pretty much anything we see. This morning she wanted to hug her t-shirt before putting it on.

“Catch?” – Jasmine often wants to chase things she sees – unfortunately, that includes birds, planes and buses.

“Wakey wakey, Mummy!”

“Climb it?” – typical two year old – she wants to climb on everything.

“Me do it, Mummy!” – Little Miss Independent! ;)

“I don’t like it” – Oh, I’m absolutely thrilled she knows how to say this. NOT!

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Likes: Playing in the garden, her bubble machine, Owen, Bunny, Peter Rabbit, dinosaurs, swimming, pasta, playing hide and seek, jumping (another new trick), reading books, ‘washing up’.

Dislikes: Being in her pushchair or carseat, brushing her teeth, the sea, bedtime.

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Jasmine’s 23 & 24 month update

I’ve never missed writing one of Jasmine’s monthly updates before but when it came to her 23rd month, well, not a lot had changed since the month before. In the end, I figured I’d do a combined update of her last two months as a one year old!

The last couple of weeks have been rather testing to say the least. We’ve had illnesses, picky eating (more on that in the minute), lots of night time wake ups and tantrums galore. In amongst the chaos of all that, Jasmine has become such a sweet little girl and her current ‘catchphrase’ is “Awwww, cute!”. She says it about animals, insects, babies and teddy bears. The other day we were walking home from nursery and I pointed out a ladybird to her – she waved at it and shouted “Hi” (She gets quite enthusiastic about bugs. Read: loud) and waved at it. As it crawled away under a leaf she said “Soon” (as in, see you soon).

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She hasn’t really started putting many words together yet, in fact she quite often shortens words to the last syllable. She often says “mon Heidi” or “mon Mummy” which is short for “come on”. She will also pass me the “mote” (remote control) if she wants to watch something on TV. That something nearly always being Peter Rabbit. Although, she’s also quite fond of The Good Dinosaur since we bought it on DVD last weekend. In which case, she will ask us to watch, yep – you guessed it “Saur”.

Her favourite toy is still Bunny. Or “Monny” as she calls him. In fact, I think she’s more attached to him now than ever before. Last week Jasmine threw herself to the ground headfirst (cutting her forehead), in a fit or rage, because Bunny wasn’t in her nursery bag. Daddy had gone to work with Bunny still in the car. Let’s just say Daddy won’t be doing that again in a hurry.


Some days, just about everything can set Jasmine off on a tantrum and it can be truly exhausting. I can’t do right for doing wrong and nothing pleases her. It’s all about her wanting to assert her independence, I know. The little things that she wants to do herself oh-so-badly – for example, putting on and doing up her shoes. She isn’t physically able to do that just yet and it makes her incredibly frustrated. It’s a tough life being a toddler, eh?

Jasmine’s also been testing the limits when it comes to meal times. For a few weeks she refused almost every. single. meal. that I offered her. She wouldn’t even try it. She’d turn her nose up, push the plate away and say ‘no’. She’s been through phases like this before but I was beginning to think this wasn’t going to be such a short phase. I kept giving into her demands for a ‘snack’ because I hated the thought of her going to bed hungry. Suddenly, I realised she was taking me for a complete mug. I now offer her a piece of fruit between meals and stopped giving her those beloved cereal bars (which was the only thing she ever wanted to eat). She eats the meals I give her or goes without. She’s not going to starve herself so if she’s truly hungry she will eat her dinner. I don’t expect her to like and eat everything but I do expect her to try it. Thankfully, there’s been a significant improvement over the last few days since I changed my own behaviour towards meal times. We’ve had a lot more ‘happy plates’. :)

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Jasmine was quite poorly a few weeks ago – she had an absolutely hideous cold and cough. She also developed conjunctivitis for the second time! As before, the drops she was prescribed by the doctor cleared it up within a couple of days.

There was also the night she threw up in her cot… three times. Not quite sure what that was about. But obviously something didn’t agree with her!

Jasmine’s sleep at night has become quite disrupted of late. She wakes frequently during the night and cries out ‘Mummy’. It’s not every night but seems to be happening more nights than not at the moment. Usually if I go and lay her back down, she settles back to sleep quite quickly. I wish the same could be said for me! I’m not sure what it is that sets her off – she doesn’t seem particularly scared, just a bit confused.

She naps in the afternoon, after lunch, for around 2-3 hours. I’m wondering if perhaps I need to cut these naps a little shorter in order to get her sleeping through the night again. She also seems to be waking up a lot earlier in the mornings too. It’s all seems quite random at the moment, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to whether or not she sleeps through OK or not.

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We’ve changed up our toddler groups again (we get bored easily). We recently started going to a new music group on a Monday, which is basically a man and a guitar singing lovely songs to us. We dance, play with ribbons, shake shakers, crack out the bubble machine, play parachute games (see photo below!) and generally have a ball. It is by FAR the best toddler group we’ve ever been too – and we’ve tried lots. :)

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On Wednesdays we often go to a toddler group based in one of the church halls in town. There’s a mix of freeplay, singing and story time, snack time and craft. The group of volunteers are so friendly and welcoming but we mostly go for the biscuits. :)

Jasmine still goes to nursery on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and really seems to enjoy it there. I love spying on her for a few moments when I pick her up – she’s always busy doing something. There’s a little boy called ‘Owen’ in her nursery room who she’s quite fond of – she’s forever talking about him at home. It’s quite sweet, really. Over the next few weeks she’ll be making the transition up to the toddler room for 2-3 year olds. I’m sure she will take it in her stride.

Likes: Peter Rabbit, Bunny, playing outside, hugs, going on the swings, playing Egg Hunt (which we’ve played every day since Easter), apples and oranges, breakfast cereals, animals, soft toys, car shopping trolleys, Mr M’s music club, bathtime.

Dislikes: Being in her carseat or pushchair, green vegetables, having to leave the park to go home, loud noises, bedtime.

Now that Jasmine is two(!), I will continue to write her updates on the blog, but probably every 2-3 months or so, as opposed to every month.

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Jasmine’s 22 month update

Yesterday, Jasmine turned 22 months old and for the first time in ages, it felt like the last month has gone quite slowly. I’m actually not going to start an update post with “Gosh, where has the time gone?”. I guess that’s the January Effect! I have plenty to talk about though so I’ll get going…

Dare I say it, we’ve definitely had less tantrums over the last few weeks and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Jasmine’s vocabulary has improved massively with every passing week. Now that she can express herself better, I feel like there’s less frustration and less reason for her to get so upset. And yes, she’s still very much ‘Little Miss Independent’ and likes to do things her own way but I think she also understands me better too. Now, when I say things like “No, it’s this way home” she will often, begrudgingly, follow me in the right direction where before an meltdown would have ensued.

We barely use the pushchair at all now – in fact, we decided to put it in the garage yesterday. If we’re only popping out to the shops or the park Jasmine will walk, it’s the same with nursery runs – she prefers to be on her own two feet. It just takes us twice as long to get home! ;)

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Something that Jasmine has started doing over the last week or so, which is totally adorable, is that she will think out load. So if I give her a choice, for example “Would you like an apple or an orange?” she will go “Ummmmmmm…….. orange”.

Quite often she gets her “N”s and “M”s mixed up. This means that I am currently “Nanny” rather than “Mammy” which is a tad annoying as she can say “Dadsy” perfectly. She loves looking out for the “Noon” (that’s moon to you and I) and the stars, when it gets dark outside. She often points out the window and will state whether it’s “Light” or “Dark”.

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She loves it when I sing nursery rhymes with actions such as “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Incy Wincy Spider”. She especially loves it if they involve tickling her!

She’s still very into ‘helping’ around the house and the moment she spots an empty dog food bowl she’s rushing over to Heidi’s dog food to fill back up again. I bought her a Melissa and Doug Cleaning set a little while ago and it’s one of her favourite toys. Unfortunately, she keeps mopping our kitchen floor using drinking water from Heidi’s bowl.

I swear she’s grown about 10 inches in the last month. Suddenly she can reach up to the kitchen worktops and even managed to grab a knife out of the washing up bowl the other day. Imagine my complete horror! We’ve definitely had to be be extra careful where we leave things. The other week she pinched a full bottle of red wine vinegar out of the cupboard (oh yeah, child locks – pointless) and spilt the entire lot over our (cream) living room carpet. I couldn’t even be mad at her because she rushed off to get a cloth to wipe it up. So yeah, our house smells like a fish and chip shop.

I’m often told when I pick her up from nursery that she’s “coming out of her shell” and often has days when she is really quite loud (that’s pretty standard at home, mind you). The other day, her key worker told me that she was playing out in the garden and singing a song at the top of her voice. “No idea what she was singing but she seemed to be enjoying herself!”

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Her latest obsession is the Peter Rabbit animated series which is on Cbeebies. She asks to watch it several (billion) times a day. “RABBIT” “RABBIT” “RABBIT” – she sounds like Chas and Dave. I don’t like having the TV on all day but I’ve recorded some episodes which are useful for when I need to make dinner. She is totally captivated by it. I, on the other hand, find it quite annoying.

Jasmine has a real dislike for garments. She spends a good majority of her time removing items of clothing from her dolls and soft toys. Oh and if you’ve been in the house for more than 1 second and have still got your coat on she will demand “OFF!” – and it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete stranger, either. She can be a right bossy boots when she wants to be.

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Jasmine’s developed an eczema-like rash on her back, arms and under armpits. I think it might be a reaction to a new fabric conditioner we’ve been using as she’s never had it before. We’ve now switched to one for extra sensitive skin. The rash itself is not itchy but does look dry and sore. I’ve not found anything that’s helped to clear it up yet so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Sleep: It’s been a good month for sleep. Jasmine still goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up between 7.30-8.ooam. She still naps after lunch from 1pm – until around 2.30pm but lately the naps have started getting shorter. Some days she won’t nap at all – I fear that the afternoon naps could soon become a thing of the past! *sob*

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Eating: Jasmine’s a fairly good eater most of the time but she still has her fussy days every now and again. She won’t eat chicken or turkey (in any form) and hasn’t done for a while. I’m not sure if that’s something I’ve mentioned in her previous updates. She’s happy enough to eat red meat though. Cottage pie and spag bol are firm favourites. She loves her vegetables and even tried to eat a red pepper like an apple earlier when we got the shopping delivered. She loves peas, corn, peppers and cucumber. She’s less keen on broccoli and green beans (who can blame her, right?)

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Likes: Peter Rabbit, Bunny, going to the park, having baths, climbing up the stairs and bum shuffling down them, red pepper, looking after our pets, ‘mopping’ the floors, Mike the Knight, playing with her babies, stickers.

Dislikes: nappy changes and not being able to climb on the furniture. (Mean mummy!)

Phew, I told you I had a lot to say! Well done if you read this post to the end. I mainly write these monthly update posts for me as I never want to forget the ‘little things’. I’m having a little blogging hiatus at the moment as quite frankly, I haven’t been enjoying it, but I don’t want to stop writing these updates any time soon.

What lovely new things has your little one been doing lately?

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Jasmine’s 21 month update

Holy moly, that 2nd birthday is really creeping up on us now. Just three months to go!

I feel like Jasmine’s 20th month has been a pretty tough one as we’ve had teething, colds, sleep deprivation and tantrums. Thankfully, as the month comes to an end, the teeth have popped through, we’re mostly over the colds, sleep is returning to normal and the tantrums… well, they are still rife but you can’t win them all. ;)

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Jasmine has been trying hard to assert her independence this month and wants to do everything herself. Don’t dare try to help her put her clothes and shoes on, or brush her teeth, or change her nappy, or wipe her hands… the list goes on! Unfortunately, her motor skills aren’t quite fine tuned enough to successfully do all of those things herself so it leads to her getting very frustrated. I do feel for her.

She’s reached a new level of hatred for nappy changes (as she’s never much liked them). A couple of months ago she would’ve happily told us that she had a dirty nappy that needed changing but now she lies about it!

“Jasmine, do you have a dirty nappy?” *knowing full well she does*

“Nooooooooooo!” *runs off*

We’ve changed over to Huggies pants which has made life a tad easier but it’s still a battle most of the time.

We seem to use the pushchair less and less these days. Jasmine’s stopped asking to be picked up every 5 minutes like she was last month and is quite happy to walk a fair distance now. Whether it’s in the direction she’s supposed to be going is another matter entirely!

What is really sweet is that she loves helping me with chores around the house such as feeding the pets, wiping tables, sweeping up, watering the plants. I try to think of ways to get her involved with tasks as much as possible but she does get cross when she’s unable to do something either because she’s still a bit too small or because it’s not safe. Just check out this photo of her trying to vaccum with a big heavy Dyson for evidence of that:

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Jasmine’s sleeping patterns were a bit all over the place at the start of the month. Especially whilst she had 4 canine teeth (top and bottom) coming through at once. To top it off she was also poorly with a cough and cold at the same time.

She’s sleeping better at the moment but it’s taking her a lot longer to settle down at night. She’s often reluctant to go to bed but normally once she’s asleep she will sleep though until the morning and wakes up around 7.30am.

Naps have stayed fairly consistent (although again, she is reluctant to take them) but once asleep she will usually nap for 1-2 hours in the afternoon after lunch.

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This month Jasmine:

  • Had a great Christmas at home this year. She was far more into it and was able to unwrap her own presents (and everybody else’s). She also devoured her Christmas dinner!

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  • Enjoyed a visit to Hollow Trees Farm in Suffolk. (You can read the review/watch the video of our visit here.)
  • Started walking all the way home from nursery so I’ve now ditched the buggy for nursery runs.
  • Continued to surprise us with lots of new words every day.
  • Had another visit to our local soft play centre and loved it!

Likes: Dancing to her BeatBo toy, Bunny, her Happyland Zoo, red pepper, bathtime, helping me with jobs around the house, splashing in muddy puddles, being outside, building Mega Bloc towers with Daddy.

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Dislikes: nappy changes, getting out of the bath, being dressed, being in the pushchair.

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