Blogs I Love #1

I’ve been meaning to write one of these lists for a while and after being mentioned in a ‘Sharing the love’ post over at Hayleyslittlethings and realising just how lovely it was to be included, it was the kick up the bum I needed to get on with it and share with you all some of my favourite blogs.

I read so many brilliant blogs, it’s amazing that I ever get anything else done! I will try to make this a regular feature here on Tinyfootsteps as I’m always discovering new and wonderful bloggers and it’s really important for us all to spread the word about each other, that’s what will make this great online community even better.

So without further ado, here’s some of my favourite blogs I’ve been reading lately (I’m also including a favourite post by each blogger so that you can get a feel for their writing style etc.)…

Blog: Hayley’s little things

What’s it all about: Hayley has a gorgeous baby girl called Daisy who is only a week or so younger than Jasmine so obviously the things she writes about are usually very relevant to me. She primarily writes about parenthood but also includes beauty and lifestyle posts too as well as reviews.

If you only read one post you must read this one: When things aren’t as what you’d expect… A beautifully written and emotional piece about finding out that there was a complication with baby during pregnancy. I’m sure it took a lot of courage to write this post and I really admire Hayley’s bravery for sharing her story.

Blog: Lilypod and Sweetpea 

What’s it all about: Jess over at Lillypod and Sweetpea is a new mummy to her gorgeous baby boy Jasper and her equally squishy step-son-to-be Rhys. Jess writes about all sorts of topics, from family life to craft ideas and tutorials. I love her style of writing and she’s also very honesty. Keep an eye out for her vlogs too!

If you only read one post you must read this one: Making mummy friends This is a post I could really relate to. Jess talks about the difficulties of making mummy friends and I think this is something that all new mums struggle with at some point or another. It showed me how a seemingly lovely and approachable person like Jess finds it just as hard to get chatting to other people at baby groups as I do.

Blog: One man and a Bump

What’s it all about: Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford and his girlfriend Susie are expecting their first baby later this year (October, I believe). Greg is an extremely funny writer and talks about all those exciting milestones that pregnancy brings. There really aren’t enough Daddy bloggers out there and it’s refreshing to read about pregnancy from a man’s point of view.

If you only read one post you must read this one: All of Greg’s posts so far have had me cry little laughy tears but this one in particular is fantastic. What, me? Nothing much just building EVERYTHING is a hilarious take on his dad-to-be nesting impulses. He certainly has a way with words, that’s for sure.

Blog: Love Little Poppins

What’s it all about: Nicola is currently very heavily pregnant with her first baby and could literally pop at any second! I’ve been following Nicola’s blog for a while now and I’ve enjoyed watching her bump grow (not in a creepy way, you understand) and I’m so excited for her to join the Mummy Club! Baby J’s gender is a surprise but I totally have Nicola down to have a boy (although I’m ALWAYS wrong at gender predicting).

If you only read one post you must read this one: Feeling Frustrated I know of so many ladies who have gone through this period of waiting for the due date, it comes and goes and still no baby. In this post Nicola talks about her frustration at waiting and the desperation she has to meet her baby. (Not long now, hunny. This weekend, I’m telling ya!)

Blog: Effortlessly Excessive

What’s it all about: Occasionally it’s nice to read a blog that isn’t baby-related (shock horror!) I recently discovered this absolute beauty of a blog which belongs to Kirsty, she’s a twenty-something expat living in Finland. Kirsty says she writes easy read posts about fashion, beauty, occasional rants, stupid stuff and life-crises! Again, another very funny writer who often leaves me with hot tears rolling down my face (ask her about the time she took her pet guinea pig to the vets regarding a suspicious ‘lump’ only to be told that it was said guinea pig’s penis. Brilliant.

If you only read one post you must read this one: Don’t touch me! A humorous list of examples of when it’s a bad time for Kristy’s other half to touch her. I may have to print this list out and put up around the house as I often have these ‘don’t touch me’ moments myself!

Oh, I could go on all day, forcing my favourite blogs upon you but my stomach is rumbling and my little girl is due to wake at any moment!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more blogs with you soon.

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