The Trials And Tribulations Of Parenthood That Only Moms Know

Motherhood is the only job in the world that doesn’t require an interview, any experience, or even any skill, yet it’s full-time and hard work. Along the way, moms learn a lot about life and themselves. But they also have to deal with many struggles and difficulties. Today, we’re going to remind ourselves of all of the issues that only moms know.


Worry #1: Where Is Your Kid And What Is He/She Doing?


You’d love to be less of a helicopter parent. In fact, before you became a mom, you promised yourself that you would stand back and allow your children to live their own lives, free from constant surveillance.


But when the reality of raising children hits, you suddenly realise that that was never an option. The unattended child is not only a potential danger to themselves, but also to your wallet, your health, and your sanity. As a result, you worry about where they are at all times, no matter their age. And you thank the heavens every day that geeks in Silicon Valley invented cell phones.


Worry #2: People Who Don’t Have Kids Complain About Their Lives


People who don’t have kids may not be living life in the fast lane, they may never have to consult family law experts, and they don’t have to spend hours cleaning up mess. But their lives are still difficult, right?


As a mom, you know that there is no comparison to life before and after children. The unexpected chaos they bring to your life not only has you running around all hours of the day trying to manage family life but also wondering how you managed to get so many new grey hairs along the way. People who don’t have kids live blissfully unaware of what goes on behind the scenes.


Worry #3: You Reminisce About The Time Before Kids When You Got Eight Hours Sleep


There was once a time when you got the full eight hours of sleep recommended by medical professionals. In those heady days, you could wake up in the morning, admire yourself in the mirror, and skip off to work in the knowledge that you were full of energy and zest for life.


Now those days are long gone. You’re regularly up at 2 a.m. tending to your baby who never seems to stop crying. And you find yourself reminiscing about the days when you and your partner could go to bed early and lounge around until the mid-morning hours at the weekend, without a worry in the world.


Worry #4: People Tell You Parenting Is Easy


Some moms say that they find parenting easy. They claim that raising children is no struggle for them. Though these moms are rare, it can be demoralising, especially when you consider all sacrifices you make for your own family life. When people say things like that, you’re reminded of all the fun you could be having and the money you could be making. It doesn’t seem right.


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