Softening Up The Hard Stuff In The Home

Using materials in smart ways has long been a big part of interior design. There are loads of options on the market which can be used to make a space feel unique, ranging from the soft to the solid, with loads of different options in between. Around the home, the choices you make in this area can have a massive impact. So, to help you out, this post will be exploring some of the uses for hard materials in your home, giving you an idea of how you can apply them to your own space without taking away the warm and welcoming feel you’ve worked hard to achieve.


Floors: Starting with something fairly obvious, most homes will have at least one room which as hard flooring. Tiles, wood, and even plastics can all be used in this sort of area, giving you the chance to change the way a room looks and feels without having to invest a fortune into it. Of course, though, these types of floor can often leave the place feeling cold. To avoid this, you have a couple of options, with rugs and other fabrics being the route which most people will take. Some people will want to go for heating flooring, though, as this also adds some warmth to your room.


Furniture: Along with the floors in your space, it’s likely that you also have some hard furniture knocking around which will be impacting your space. In reality, most furniture is hard, being made from metals, wood, and plastics, and this can make it very hard to get truly comfortable when you’re spending time there. Like your floors, fabrics can be a great way to soften your furniture, and you can choose between proper upholstery or simple throws to make this happen. Of course, you can choose pieces which already have this sort of feature, but this won’t be as nice and finding options which you love and adding them yourself.


Sinks, Toilets, & Baths: There are some parts of your home which won’t be able to be made from anything other than something hard. With the way that water likes to soak into fabrics and other soft materials, anything which deals with it has to be solid. This means that sinks, toilets, and baths all need a different approach when you’re softening them up. By looking here and there around the web, you’ll quickly find loads of companies offering options which are less hard-looking by nature. A belfast sink, for example, has very smooth edges, making them look like they’re made from something completely different.


Electronics: TVs, stereos, and large appliances have always been made from things like metal and plastic. Their outer shells need to be hard to protect the sensitive circuit boards and wiring within them, and this can make it impossible to see their softer side. If you want to hide them with something soft, you’ll have to be creative, though this doesn’t mean that you’re out of options. Your television, for example, can be hidden behind curtains or paintings, only being revealed during use. Taking an approach like this will quickly make your whole place feel much softer, and you won’t have to get rid of the things you use in the process.


Doors & Windows: Some parts of the home, like windows and doors, have to be hard for a number of different reasons. These areas are designed to keep your home secure, and wouldn’t be very good at their jobs if people were able to get through them with a knife. Along with this, they also protect your space from the elements, keeping out wind and rain, while also ensuring that it stays nice and warm. From the inside, though, this can make the whole place feel very unnatural. Curtains are one of the best solutions for this. They can work with both windows and doors, and will enhance the insulative properties of these areas, providing more than one benefit when you decide to install them.


Fireplaces: When looking for a home, fireplaces are one of the key elements which can easily sway a purchase. These features can be stunning, throwing a room into the past, or giving it a modern twist which isn’t found anywhere else. Of course, though, often being made from stone or wood, they will always make the place feel colder when they aren’t lit or operational. Nowadays, there are loads of ways to make your fireplace feel softer, with upholstery being one of the best. You can find examples of fireplaces like this around the web to give yourself some inspiration.


Lighting: Not a lot of people will consider light when they are trying to make their space feel softer. You need this crucial element in your home, as it gives you the ability to see in the dark, while also letting potential criminals know that you’re at home. Light is hard in a different way to the other options on this list, though. When you’re using older light bulbs, the illumination which is produced will often be very harsh and stark, making the place feel very clinical. To avoid this sort of issue, using diffused lights will always be a great help. Modern LED bulbs often have this built in, and will work well with dimmers to give you full control.


There are loads of hard objects in your home. While you need some of these things to retain their solid nature, there are always ways to soften up areas which most people will ignore. This will make the place feel warmer, more welcoming, and will give it a unique twist which most places simply don’t have. Of course, though, you’ll have to work to achieve it, using websites like Instagram and Pinterest to give yourself ideas in the process. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to do just that. If it doesn’t, it could be worth going to some open houses and trade shows to see what other people are doing when it comes to making their space feel softer.


This is a collaborative post.



  1. Avatar September 17, 2018 / 8:34 am

    You are totally right. There are things we think are small elements but have a great impact on the appearance of our home. We sometimes don’t see it until we change them :) Thanks for sharing these points :)

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