5 reasons to try artificial lawn

Artificial grass is fast growing in popularity. More people than ever are are choosing to replace their turf with artificial lawn. If you haven’t seen artificial lawn in the last few years, you might not understand why. We’ve all heard stories about how fake grass has left people with burns or grazes. You might have even tried it years ago, when it felt hard, rough and, well, fake. A lot has changed since then, and you might be surprised by some of the reasons you should try artificial grass in your garden.


If you do want to try grass from LazyLawn Liverpool, this is the perfect time to do it. Your lawn has just faced a long, dry summer and your grass might be showing the effects. It might be dry, brown and rough. If you want it to be luscious by next spring or summer, it’ll need feedings, watering and plenty of TLC over the coming months. It might even be too late. If you’ve left your lawn untended over the summer, it might be past repair. You might be looking at replacing it in the coming months, so why not try some artificial lawn? Here’s a look at some of those reasons if you need more convincing.


It’s Cost Effective


An artificial lawn can be more expensive to buy than real grass. But, long term it can be much cheaper. It won’t need cutting, feeding or looking after. You won’t ever need to spend money replacing it, nor will you need to treat it with a feed or moss killer every year.


It’s Easy


If you want real grass to look good, it takes a lot of work. You can’t just leave it and expect it to look it’s best. You need to mow it every few weeks in the summer months. You need to water it, dig out weeds and feed it over the winter. Artificial lawn, you just lay and leave. It always looks amazing.


You Don’t Have to Worry About the Weather


When you’ve got real grass, the weather plays a big part in how good it looks. No matter how much time you spend looking after it, too much rain, too much wind or too much sun can damage it and undo all of your hard work. Artificial grass isn’t affected by weather.


You’ll Get More Out of It


When you’ve got real grass, there are periods when you can’t enjoy it. If it’s rained, you’ll walk mud into your house. If it’s filled with weeds and moss, you’ll want to avoid it in case or irritation. When you’ve spread weed killer, you can’t walk on it because it could be harmful. You can’t even hang washing out in case the chemicals get blown around by the wind.

When you’ve got artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about these factors. You and your family can enjoy your lawn every day of the year.


It Looks and Feels Real

You may doubt the quality of fake grass. But, there’s no need. It’s improved so much in the last few years that it looks and feels just like a real lawn. No one will know the difference until you start bragging about it.


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