Invite Your Guests To Stay Over

When was the last time you invited friends to stay for a night?

If you don’t remember, it means that it was probably too long ago. More often than not, friends and relatives meet for a meal or an afternoon tea in town. While this habit helps to keep in touch — besides it can be entertaining to spend an afternoon in town — it doesn’t provide the social environment necessary to develop your bond. Indeed, in a restaurant or coffee shop, you know that your time around the table is limited. Once you’ve consumed your meal or drink, the group separates, and each drives back home. As Britons spend between one and two hours in restaurants, the benefit of face-to-face conversations is almost non-existent. Most people today talk longer on the phone or via social media. Unfortunately, humans are social creatures who build connections through face-to-face discussions. In other words, the more you see your friends for a coffee in town, the less you get to know each other. It’s time to rediscover the pleasure of inviting people to spend a night at your home.


Why should you invite guests?

The habit to invite guests to stay over is dying out. More often than not, when friends or relatives come to visit, they only stay for a meal. As a result, your bond with distant relatives gradually disappears – even Facebook can’t replace face-to-face time! But when you have children, it’s important to build a solid social circle for your family. First of all, everybody needs to socialise. Since distance isn’t an obstacle anymore, you can invite people you lie but rarely see to come and visit. Additionally, from a family perspective, meeting a variety of people encourages your children to make friends in different places – they are less likely to feel isolated at school. Additionally, living far away isn’t an excuse anymore to stop being friend with someone!


Prepare the guest bedroom

If you’ve had to crash at someone’s house in the past, you’re probably familiar with the experience of sleeping on a hard sofa in the middle of the living room, or a mattress into the study. The reason why you want to create a guest bedroom is that making your guests feel at ease is a priority. Getting to bed should be a comfortable and pleasant experience, regardless of where you are. Consequently, a room that offers privacy, inspiring decor and relaxation invites your guests to sleep. You can have a look for ambiance lighting solutions too – too often, bedrooms use aggressive, white light, while you need a dim effect to relax.


Should they have an en-suite?

In a family house, it’s important to consider the needs and privacy of everyone. After all, you don’t want your guests to queue in front of the bathroom, but you don’t want either your partner to be late to work because your guests took too long to get ready in the morning. So, if you’re planning to use your guest bedroom a lot, it might be worth considering the addition of a small en-suite bathroom. The essentials in your en-suite will depend on how much room is available, as well as your budget. You may not want to add a new bathtub, for instance. But you can give your guests a private room with a vanity cabinet and a bathroom – Drench is an excellent address – as well as a toilet unit. If you get enough space, a shower can be a nice addition.

Get a guest closet

You’ll find it helpful to create a separate space in your closet for guests linen and towels. Indeed, if you have pets, it can be difficult to keep hair off your bed, for instance. Pet hair can remain entangled into the fibres even after washing. Out of consideration for guests who might suffer from allergies, it can be useful to have a guest closet. Additionally, this can let you establish a decor for your guests where elements complement each other.


Breakfast essentials

Last, but not least, you might want to invest in a few cupboard essentials to make sure your guests have something to eat in the morning. You can prepare a tray in the evening with everything they need to make a cup of tea or coffee and have a slice of toast. This can make your life easier if your guests get up before you! In the long term, having something ready can save you a lot of stress and trouble. As a rule of the thumb, tea or coffee, bread, butter and jam, milk and a pack of sugar-free cereals are all you need to satisfy most guests.

Renew with the habit of previous generations to invite friends and relatives to stay over! You’ll find that you can establish deeper and stronger bonds with the people who matter in your life when you see them more often.


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