Effectively childproofing your home

Any parent will be able to tell you that kids can be a real handful at times. Their minds wander and, as soon as they can walk, the world is their oyster. So, you really do need to keep an eye on them at all times. Now, you may think that your home is the safest space for your child to spend time, but it can also hold a lot of potential for accidents. So, to help to maintain your peace of mind, here are a few different ways to effectively childproof your home for your littel ones’ safety.

The Kitchen

The kitchen holds a lot of potential hazards for little ones, so it’s generally best that they are kept outside of this space whenever possible. However, there are extra steps that you can take to ensure that the room is safe should your little ones manage to wander in. Invest in safety locks for cupboards and cabinets, which will keep plastic bags and cleaning products off-limits.

The Lounge

Now, the lounge generally seems like a relatively safe space for children. It doesn’t have all of the immediate threats that lie in other rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. So, your priorities might want to take another turn – protecting the room from your child. Kids are inquisitive and playful and there’s always bound to be some sort of incident in the process of them growing up. Generally speaking, the television tends to take the brunt of many children’s curiosity. Avoid having magnets attached to the screen or the screen smashed by investing in wooden TV stands with doors. These are sturdy and can be closed to keep hands, magnets, and balls at bay.

The Garden

With summer finally making its way into our lives, chances are that your little ones are going to want to spend a little more time outdoors than usual. However, your garden has probably experienced some wear and tear since the last time you set foot in it. Winter winds can wreak havoc with fencing, causing breaks, splits and holes in the panels. Check the perimeter of your garden for any damage to the fencing. You don’t want little ones to escape or hurt themselves on any fractured or exposed woodwork. If you do find any damage, call in a professional fencing service to repair or replace the panel. Next, ensure that your ground is level. Uneven paving slabs can pose a serious trip hazard. Nobody wants their little ones falling over while they’re running about playing games. Finally, make sure that there isn’t any animal mess lying about. Even if you don’t have pets of your own, neighbours pets or wild animals could have used your garden as a litter tray at some point, so scour the floor and pick up any questionable matter with plastic gloves and dispose of it appropriately.

These are just a few different spaces that you might want to focus on. Just remember to always tackle any potential hazards head on and keep your child safe at all times!


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