Seizing New Opportunities For Your Blog:
What To Do Next

There’s a lot of money to be made in blogging. That is, if you have the right kind of knowledge to push yourself forward. We all know that once you’ve established your blog online, to make the first steps into making money you’re going to want to sign up to Google Adverts and begin looking into affiliate programs to join. That’s just the basic information that you’ll pick up from the generic “how to start a blog and monetise it” kind of posts. However, there are other ways in which you can make money from your blog, and open it up to new opportunities in the process. Take a look at the next steps you should be taking:

Running competitions

Sharing competitions on social media and leading them back to the blog encourages people to subscribe to your blog and also can make your stats boom. So, where you might be getting say 200 views a day, while your competition is running you can expect your views to be in the thousands, depending on how valuable the giveaway prize is. Be sure to follow the guidelines that social media platforms have put in place when running competitions. For example, you can’t ask for a direct share on Facebook any more, so be careful with what terms you’re setting out on the competition. While hosting a giveaway might not necessarily make you money, it exposes you to new readers and also potential clients that might be interested in working with you.

Accepting pre written posts

You may not have heard of a service called blogger outreach services. Basically, companies who want to get their website around, or even information that they specialise in, head to companies like Get Blogged for some expert help. Get Blogged then source bloggers like myself to write a post around an anchor text and link that the companies provide to them. The post is then published and you receive payment for displaying the post on your blog. In this case, I’ve written the post, but often similar companies will outsource freelance writers and you will receive pre-written posts to publish on your blog for a fee. The fee you receive will depend on how high your DA is. The higher your DA, the more money you’ll be paid to publish. Consider either signing yourself up for accepting pre-written posts, or have a go at writing them yourself. Be prepared to have all sorts of links within your blog, right from parenting advice to drain detectives for advice on how you can help yourself at home. Things like this help your readers take something away with them from your blog, so it’s definitely worth it!

Don’t sell yourself short

Finally, as time goes on and your DA rises you will find that you’re contacted by external companies wanting to place their link on your blog somewhere. This is usually within a written post (as above) and they will almost always try and get a cheaper price from you. Set yourself a minimum price for publishing and make sure that you don’t sell yourself short. Time is precious as a blogger and if it’s not worth your time, don’t do it! Take a look at pricing for your DA on your blog and decide yourself a price!

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