Life lately: School admissions, dog broody
and the 2018 MAMA conference

I wrote my last ‘life lately’ post back in December so there’s lots to catch up on…

Jasmine turned four

At the beginning of April, Jasmine turned four-years-old. We had a fantastic day with swimming and soft play at Brean leisure park – followed by a ginormous chocolate cake (peter rabbit themed, of course) when we got home.

Over a month later and I still cannot believe I have a 4-year-old… until she opens her mouth and I look at her in awe thinking “well aren’t you a proper little person now?!” But she really does seem so grown up lately, she wants to do everything herself (we stood, freezing our asses off, in the middle of town for 5 minutes the other day whilst she tried to zip up her own coat).

She’s very outgoing and tries to strike up conversations with just about anybody. I’ve no idea where she gets from as both her dad and I are incredibly introverted!

School admissions

A week or so later, we found out which primary school Jasmine had been given a place at and it turned out we were really, really disappointed. To be fair, we had been to see the school previously and it was one of our choices, however, when it came to accepting it, we couldn’t do it. It’s an OK school and Jasmine, I’m sure would be fine there. But we wanted more than just ‘OK’ and so the last week has seen us hurriedly visiting school after school in the hope that we’d find one that a) we loved and b) had a space available for Jasmine. We went back to the school we had been allocated for a second look and still felt the same way about it. We also looked at some schools we had not previously considered, village schools that are a little further afield, two of which we absolutely adored. We’ve applied for those and are now anxiously awaiting the outcome of our second application – cross everything for us, please!

Dog Broody

I have been massively dog broody (t’is a thing) and for a while have been considering getting another dog. A couple of weekends ago we went to see a beautiful crossbreed called Lesi – a rescue dog from Bosnia. He was absolutely gorgeous and a total sweetheart but it was clear to see that he had a lot issues due to the way he had been treated. Visiting him gave me a reality check – he was not yet house trained, or lead trained and would I really want a rescue dog around the girls when I knew so little of his background? With regret, I had to tell the charity who was rehoming him that we wouldn’t be giving him a home. I was sad about it but ultimately I know that it was the right decision for our family and for him too. We wouldn’t be able to commit to give him the time and attention he needed. With 2 children 4 and under and a sassy schnauzer, I more than have my hands full already. I still would like to adopt a rescue dog in the future but I think it’ll be when the girls are much older.

Teething sucks!

My poor little Elowen is really suffering with teething at the moment. She’s got four canine teeth cutting through at once which must feel just awful. Her sleep has been quite unsettled over the last week or so because of it. At least after these, there’s only 4 more teeth to go before she has a full set!

Oh and for those who don’t know… E finally started sleeping through the night. It only took 16 months. ;)

2018 MAMA Conference 

I’ve just come back from my first ever trip to Scotland for the MAMA conference in Glasgow. It’s a conference which is primarily for midwives but there were many different professions from the ‘birth world’, including doulas and obstetricians. It was a fantastic weekend and, whilst I did have the occasional moment of feeling like I had impostor syndrome, I learned so much! I spent most of the weekend with one of my NCT course mates who I got to know really well over the few days we were there. L, if you’re reading – I love ya!

I missed my babies terribly, as I knew I would but it also made me realise that I should make more time for other things that are important to me too. I’m a mum. But I’m not just a mum. I’m a student. A wife. A friend. A foodie. A lover of comedy. I am many, many things. And I’m determined to make more time for all of ‘Jenna’.

Slimming World

One last bit of news before I head to the land of nod. I rejoined Slimming World today. I’d been thinking about joining my local group for a while as I’ve put on so much weight over the last year or so. It’s a subject that probably deserves it’s own post at some point as there’s a lot to go into as to why I’ve put on the weight and why I’ve not been motivated to do anything about it until now. But I’m excited to get cracking with Slimming World and hopefully start to feel better in my own skin.

That’s all for now. :)

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to lately?

Jenna xx


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