Grubby feet

I’ve decided I need to write more so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll write every day (if I want to) for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, or for however long I can squeeze it into my day. I won’t edit myself or overthink it, this isn’t about creating ‘quality blog content’ (sorry), it’s just about me recording my days and my thoughts. Ramblings, basically. If people happen to like reading it, cool. If not? Cool.

Today has been glorious as I’ve mostly spent it outside. After several days of unrelenting rain, we’ve finally been blessed with a sunny Spring day. The air is cool and fresh but there’s still a noticeable warmth on my skin. It feels like it’s been a long time coming. I spent a good chunk of the morning tidying up the front garden. I’ve no clue what I’m doing in terms of ‘proper gardening’. But I do know that I was chopping things down with gusto! Oh and intermittently running after E who kept making her escape out of the garden and onto the footpath outside our house, she loves being chased. It’s the early afternoon and my step count is currently on 14,000+ steps. That’s how much she loves being chased.

A neighbour stopped by to chat with me, I often see him when he’s out walking his dog. He’s a friendly bloke but does make me a tad uncomfortable. Ever so often he’ll grab and hold onto my hands. As if we were a couple of teenagers on our first date. I don’t know how to tell him to fuck off, without, you know, telling him to fuck off.

After picking up J from pre-school, the three of us played out in the back garden. I took off the girls’ shoes and socks, rolled up their trousers and let them play barefooted on the lawn. At the risk of sounding like a prize hippy, I think it’s important for kids to be able to get grubby and feel the grass between their toes. Good weather makes parenting so much easier. E was happy picking up stones and carrying them from one end of the garden to the other whilst J charged around pretending to be a police officer.

I’m currently sat on the sofa with the girls either side of me. We’re eating hot cross buns. I’m not normally a fan of them (the buns that is, not the girls) but these aren’t just any hot cross buns. These are Marks & Spencer’s luxury mini hot cross buns! ;) #notanad

Talking of #ads. I’ve deleted Instagram off of my phone. It wasn’t making me particularly unhappy, I love Instagram but that was the problem. I was addicted to it. I felt like I was becoming more invested in what other people were doing instead of focusing on my own life. I also want to avoid being ‘sold’ things by people whose lifestyles I supposedly ‘should’ be aspiring to. I’ve realised I don’t need anything that anybody’s selling, I’ve got everything I could ever need already. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against people trying to earn a crust via social media, I’ve been paid for Instagram brand collaborations myself, but I’m done being a passenger on the advertising wagon.

Whilst I’m on the subject, I must mention this video from Lucy from Lulastic blog too. She talks about ways to live more simply and I’ve been thinking about it all day. She also talks a bit about avoiding advertising which has just confirmed to me that I’ve made the right decision re: Instagram.

I’ve eaten a ridiculous amount of chocolate today. I have no self control when it comes to sweet stuff. Like, at all. I’m predicting I’ll be diabetic by 6pm this evening. There’s an Easter egg in the kitchen calling out to me. Daring me to eat it.

Must. Resist.

Jenna xx



  1. Avatar April 6, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    I much prefer reading this kind of blog post – and definitely not being sold to! I’m trying to do more of the same but it’s tricky setting aside time to write but also time to read/do everything else I want to do with my evenings – I need to make this happen!

    • Jenna April 8, 2018 / 5:27 pm

      I much prefer reading these kinds of posts from other bloggers too. I think you get a better insight into that person’s life. I’ve already missed two days as I’ve been so busy but I am definitely going to make more effort to write when I can. xx

  2. Avatar April 13, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    These are the kinds of blog posts I want to read, Jenna – so I’ll happily be here reading them, however often you wish to share them.

    Social media has become such a business now (which is great in many ways), that I feel like personal, organic content like this is often a thing of the past… Or perhaps I’m following the wrong people. I don’t know. I totally agree with you on being over people selling things; that’s one of the reasons I stopped buying magazines many moons ago, and now I consume similar content online via blogs. It’s hard when you’ve connected with people and want to support them.

    I’m off to watch the video you’ve shared now.

    • Jenna April 16, 2018 / 4:46 pm

      Thank you, Jade – they are always the type of blog posts I like reading too. Since I wrote this post though, I’ve had no time to sit down and write. D’oh!

      Yeah, it’s really hard because I do want people to do well and support them but it was getting to the point where my Instagram wasn’t very fun to scroll through anymore, especially as I’m trying to cut down on my own consumerism.

      I hope you enjoyed Lucy’s video – I adore her! x

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