5 Fun things to do with kids in San Diego

San Diego is a city on the Pacific coast of California and known for its beaches, parks and warm weather. San Diego is definitely on my ‘hit list’ of places I want to visit some day because it has so much to offer in the form of art galleries, museums and gardens. If we ever do visit this wonderful city, I’d love to go with a big group of extended family and friends and hire out one of many gorgeous San Diego mansions. If a job’s worth doing, right?!

One of the things that appeals to me most about San Diego (and California in general) is that there are so many wonderful places to visit with kids. Here I’ve compiled a list of 5 places I’d love to visit with my children, in and around San Diego.

1) San Diego Zoo & Safari Park

San Diego has both a zoo (which is voted the world’s no.1 zoo, no less!) and a safari park – they’re often confused as being the same place, but they are in different areas of the city and you’d struggle to do both attractions in the same day.

San Diego zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world (100 acres) and has so. many. animals. Personally, I’d be making a beeline for the polar bears – especially after watching the Polar Bear Cam on the San Diego Zoo website! Do you think they’d let me bring one home?!

At the Safari park you can enjoy a guided tour on the ‘Africa Tram’ which sounds like much more of a relaxed day out and a great way to enjoy getting up, close and personal with the big cats!

The Safari also has new walk-through lemur exhibit! ‘Lemur Walk offers an immersive experience to get you up close to these most interesting mammals. You walk along a path inside the exhibit as ring-tailed lemurs frolic among the trees, branches, and path around you!’ Eeeek, I just know my girls would ADORE this!

You can buy multi day/multi park tickets for both attractions: A child ticket (3-11) costs around $76 and an adult ticket $86.

2) Learn to surf

Why not make the most of San Diego’s gorgeous beaches and learn to surf? There’s plenty of local surf schools around to choose from and it would be a fantastic activity to enjoy together as a family. You can book a private surf or paddle board lesson for around 100 dollars which should be plenty of time for you to pick up the basics. Not only would the kid’s enjoy learning a new sport (and a pretty cool one at that) but they’d return from their holiday with a whole new level of confidence in the water.

PS. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the gear (wetsuits etc.) as most surf schools are able to supply them for you.

3) Visit Fleet Science Center

I love science museums and my children are no different. Science museums seem to unleash so much curiosity from my kids and always make for a great day out. Fleet Science Center looks like it would be well worth a visit as not only does it have a range of family-focused exhibitions but it also has an IMAX cinema. At the time of writing, they are currently showing Island of Lemurs Madagascar on the big screen which sounds a-mazing!

Back in the science center itself they currently have a ‘Mythbuster’ exhibition, based on the popular TV show. This is an ‘amazing hands-on exhibition’ where children and adults can put science related myths to the test— For example, you can find out what keeps you drier: running in the rain or walking through it?

4) Visit Aquatica Water Park

Here’s another water related activity (gotta make the most of that sunshine and warm weather). Aquatica is a water park that offers a huge variety of  rides and slides including the fabulously named ‘Hoo Roo Run’ and ‘Woohoo Falls’. Not feeling quite as brave as the rest of the of your family? Then why not hire out a private cabana and spend the day relaxing and soaking up that calfornian sunshine?!

Aside from the slides, rides, pools and cabanas there’s also flamingos and fresh water turtles at the park so be sure, if you visit, to check them out too!

Aquatica Water Park tickets cost $46 each.

5) Visit Legoland

I couldn’t not mention Legoland, could I? I always loved my visits to Legoland windsor when I was a child. It’s the perfect day out for the little ones and the big kids too! *looking at my husband* ;) Rather excitingly, this summer, Legoland California are launching a new attraction:  LEGO CITY®: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride. You get to go in a real submarine that takes you on a hunt for treasure. On the way you’ll pass all kinds of real sea creatures, including stingrays and sharks, as well as bright Lego fish, crabs and scuba divers. It sounds like such a fantastic experience and one my children would never forget!

Legoland Calfornia tickets start from $89.

So there you have it! These are the five things I would do with the kiddos if  (when?!) we visit San Diego some day. And from the research I’ve done so far, it seems there are plenty of other exciting places to explore with kids in California aside from the ones I’ve mentioned here. Now to to get saving those pennies

Have you ever been to San Diego?

If not, is it somewhere you’d like to visit?

Jenna x

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