My ‘No Spend Month’ Diary: Week three

My ‘No Spend Month’ Diary: Week three

Oh dear, I did so well in my first two weeks of my ‘no spend month’ and then, well, Week 3 happened. This last week has not been very good at all, my willpower buckled (damn you, cute baby clothes) and I also had to pay out for other things that couldn’t be helped – more on that in the minute.

Despite having a disappointing week, I’m prepared to draw a line under it and get back on track for the last week of the month. There’s still money to be saved and scrimping to be done.

If you want to know why I’m doing my ‘No spend month’ then check out my original post here.

You can read my Week One diary here and my Week Two diary here.

Day 15.

Today our local shopping centre had a Paw Patrol characters meet and greet (they often do things like this during half term). Jasmine was excited to see Rubble  and Skye so after she finished pre-school we headed into town to meet them! The queue was massive and Jasmine was excited the entire time that we waited in line. She then decided, when it was finally our turn to meet Rubble, that he was terrifying. Typical!

We popped into some charity shops afterwards because I needed to find an outfit for a funeral (I own very little in the way of clothing and had nothing appropriate for funeral in my wardrobe). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything suitable in the charity shops. It was a mistake taking the kids in with me as I ended up leaving with a ride-on-toy and a (brand new) Play Doh set.

Oh and I also bought hair dye from Poundland (it’s actually surprisingly good).

Total spent: £6.45

Day 16.

I totally forgot to cancel our window clean for this month and so the window cleaner turned up this morning. That was £15 spent before I even got to lunchtime! I then got an e-mail from the lady who runs our Hartbeeps toddler class reminding me that I needed to pay for the next term if I wanted to keep my space. D’oh!

Total spent: £45.00

Day 17.

I had a study day at home today and didn’t leave the house. I didn’t spend anything. We did use up the rest of our Pancake Day ingredients to make breakfast though so that was nice. :)

Total spent: £0.00

Day 18.

I had a mummy/daughter day with J today so I took her swimming. That only cost us about £5.00. Afterwards, however, I got drawn into the M&Co sale like a moth to a flame and spent over £30.00 on clothes for the girls. *hangs head in shame*

Total spent: £40.00ish

Day 19.

I didn’t spend anything today.

Total spent: £0.00

Day 20. 

I had to buy a funeral outfit as I’m attending it tomorrow! I went to Tesco and managed to get my entire outfit (dress, belt, tights and boots) from F&F. I used my Clubcard vouchers (I had about fifteen pounds worth) to save on the total amount.

Total spent: about £40.00

Day 21. 

I attended a funeral today. I had to pay for a day travel ticket for the bus and I spent some money on alcohol at the wake. (#noregrets)

I spent £30 of kids’ waterproofs from Lidl whilst waiting for the bus. I’m totally blaming my friend Kirsty for that, though. She’s an enabler!

Total spent: £48.30

Total spent this week: £179.75

Guys, I’m really embarrassed about that weekly total and almost didn’t bother sharing this post as I felt deflated. But I want to be honest. This challenge was never going to be easy for me and there’s no point pretending it is, when it isn’t. All I can do is try and do better going forwards.

I’m going to try my hardest to steer clear of shops next week as they are definitely my downfall. Once I’m in them I struggle to not spend money.

Wish me luck!

Have you ever attempted a ‘no spend’ challenge?

Jenna xx

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