Diono Quantum Travel System Review

Around about this time last year, I had an (almost cooked) bambino growing inside of me and I was frantically searching for the ‘perfect’ travel system in time for their arrival. I had 3 main criteria:

1) it had to cost no more than £500

2) it had to fit in our VW Polo (which doesn’t have a particularly big boot)

3) it had to last. As much as I love buying pushchairs, my husband would not have been impressed if we’d needed to buy a new one as soon as baby got a bit bigger. We were looking for a pushchair that would work for a newborn and then eventually an older toddler.

So, they were my main criteria. The necessities. But I also wanted something that looked good, was easy to use and of course, was comfortable and spacious for our bubba!

Is that all too much to ask?

In a word, no.

And, had the Diono Quantum been available when I was searching for the ideal mode of transport for my precious bundle, it would have no doubt been a serious contender.

How do I know this? Well, I was a super lucky lady and the lovely people at Diono sent me the Quantum Travel System to review. I’ve spent the last few months putting the pushchair through it’s paces and I can’t wait to tell you what I think of it!

First up, about Diono…

Diono are perhaps best known for their range of children’s car seats and travel accessories. They’re a company that prides itself on using ‘commonsense’ to make their products. They say that ‘it’s the little ideas that make a big difference and go a long way.’ They are a company focused on making safe, practical and well thought out products. These guys and gals really do think through every little detail!

Diono Quantum – the low down…

Cost: £500 (it would have been the very top end of my budget but… *tick*)

Suitable from birth to 22kg (made to last until well into toddlerhood *tick*)

Available in the following colours: Black, Red, Navy and Teal

Compatible with car seats (adapters are included).

Weight: Chassis – 9.3kg Seat – 5kg

What’s in the box?

Convertible seat
Carriage liner
Seat liner
Bumper bar
Infant car seat adaptors

My first impressions:

Like any good pushchair obsessive I had the box open and contents sprawled out across my floor within seconds of it being delivered! It took me a matter of minutes to put the pushchair together (although I’m clearly well practiced) and I was instantly in love with the style of it. The colour is vibrant and the design is sleek

What we weren’t so keen on:

The chassis of the Quantum is certainly on the heavy side and I wouldn’t really want to carry it much further than the shed (where we keep our buggies) to the car. That said, there is a shoulder strap to use when carrying the chassis when folded which is the first time I’ve seen this on a pushchair. It’s a nice touch and makes life a little easier.

I found the straps/harness a little fiddly to use at first, but once you’ve got the knack for it, it’s not such a problem.

The Quantum is difficult to steer one-handed which is something to bear in mind if you have an older child who’s hand you want to hold or if, like me, you walk your dog when out with the pushchair and need one hand for the lead.

There’s not a lot of ‘bounce’ in the tyres so pushing Quantum up high kerbs is a bit of an issue. I end up having to tilt the pushchair up and over the bump to get it up onto the pavement. No biggie but a little frustrating at times.

It’s bulky. I’d probably avoid going into small shops etc. when out with the Quantum as it is a fair size. But I suppose this is the price you pay to make sure your little one has plenty of space in their carriage!

What we loved:

The large shopping basket is awesome. A decent sized basket is surprisingly hard to come by which is something that really surprised me during my search for the perfect pushchair. Given that I don’t drive, a large shopping basket is something that is quite important to me. It’s also great for carrying the 1,568 pine cones and 486 sticks that my toddler insists we bring home with us every time we go out! ;)

You can easily adjust the pushchair handle. With me being 5ft nothing and my husband 6ft something – this is pretty important to us. It’s great that we can both push the Quantum comfortably with the handlebar adjusted to a height that suits each of us.

The push on/push off foot brake is one of the best I’ve come across – simple, practical and safe. And most importantly, it works! I’ve previously had pushchairs sliding about on buses because the brakes were so pants!

The extendable sun canopy is superb – 4-tiers of SPF50+ sun protection. This is one aspect of the pushchair where I think Diono has really excelled itself!

The ability to have baby world-facing or parent-facing.

The ease in which you can switch from carry cot to toddler seat in the mere click of a few buckles. This also means that you don’t have a separate carry cot and seat which would take up storage space when not in use.

It fits in our car boot! (*tick*)

The colour and style. I was sent the Quantum in Teal to review and it’s gorgeous. It always gets compliments from strangers when we’re out and about. There’s no compromise on design.

Final thoughts on the Diono Quantum Travel System:

If, like I did, you have a budget of around £500 for a travel system then I’d urge you to consider the Quantum. Having looked at so many pushchairs/travel systems in this price range I can honestly say that it is in incredible value for money. The Quantum is a well thought out and equally well designed pushchair with both parents and baby in mind. From the shoulder strap to the extra large sun canopy – you can see where Diono have used ‘little ideas to make a big difference’.

Is it the perfect pushchair? Well, no – it does have a few flaws. (But to be honest, I’m yet to find a pushchair that doesn’t.)

I wish the frame wasn’t quite so heavy and the ability to navigate kerbs was a little easier but on the whole this is a really good travel system. If you’re looking for a travel system that is long lasting, practical and yet still stylish – the Diono Quantum comes up trumps.

I’d love to know what your most important criteria was/is when pushchair shopping?

Jenna xx

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The Diono Quantum was sent to me for the purpose of this review. I will always give my 100% honest opinions when reviewing an item and this is no exception. :)


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