Growing a rainbow baby: 37 & 38 weeks pregnant

How big is Baby Button-Nose this week?

At 38 weeks, Baby Button-Nose is now about as long as a leek, weighs just over 3kg. (Length: 49.8cm, head to heel.)


I’ve now passed the stage of pregnancy that Jasmine was born (38+2) so it would be fair to say that my anxiousness about giving birth again have ramped up a little. I’m nervous but excited and feeling ready to meet my baby now. Come on, Button-Nose!


Pain under my ribs – particularly on my right side (I think this is where Button-Nose likes to park his/her feet!)

Backache/hip pain

Shooting pains around groin

Calf/foot cramps

Spotty skin/dull hair (Waah!)

Night sweats


Braxton hicks

Period-type pains (particularly if I don’t go for a wee as soon as I need one!)

Swollen fingers and toes!

Acid reflux – I’ve woken a few times in the night feeling very close to being sick.

Highlight of the week(s): 

Watching Jasmine ‘comfort’ her baby – cannot wait to see her as a big sister even more now…

Please ignore the state of my living room…. thanks! ;)

Baby movements: 

As I write this, baby is very, very low down. He/she had hiccups earlier this evening and I could feel them so deep in my pelvis. I’m trying not to get excited about this because baby seems to pop in and out all the time. I keep getting a lot of groin pain, shooting pains either side.

Fundal measurement: 

At 38+3 my fundal measurement was 37cms.


38 week midwife appointment – 

Sadly my midwife, Claire, was off due her father being poorly. She was covered by the lovely Rebecca (who told me that she lives just around the corner so could end up being at my homebirth!) My wee, blood pressure and bump measurement were all fine. I had my blood taken to check that my iron levels have come back up – fingers crossed that they have! Rebecca checked baby’s position and said baby was “head down and ready to go”. :)

Things I’m missing: 

I know I’ll probably miss my bump when it’s gone but I am so done being pregnant now – the constant aches and pains make it hard for me to be a ‘fun mummy’ for Jasmine. I can’t wait to be able to bend over to give her a kiss or chase her round the park without being in agony.


Pregnancy insomnia has really hit me over the last week or so. I sometimes struggle to get to sleep (especially if I’m suffering with acid reflux) and other times, I wake up to go to the loo during the night and then I can’t get back to sleep again. I end up just laying in bed for hours until the morning – I guess my body is preparing me for the sleepless nights that are to come.

I’ve had some strange dreams too – last night I dreamt that I was on a guided tour around a pork scratchings factory. (I know?!) FYI, I don’t even like pork scratchings.

Pregnancy/baby related purchases: 

Despite the fact that I keep seeing gorgeous baby clothes, I’ve managed to resist making any more purchases!

Stephen got my Medela Swing breast pump down from the loft at the weekend so I checked that was still working OK (it was) so I’m thinking of ordering a few new parts for that.

Will this be my last pregnancy update?! Eeeek, I do hope so! 


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  1. Avatar November 19, 2016 / 7:55 am

    You’re so close Jenna! Yay for baby being head down and ready to go, but boo to all those pains. Jasmine is so cute! I’ve been suffering with acid reflux and actually being sick some nights, but it’s been much better since I take two spoons of gavsicon before bed every night; worth a try? So excited to hear your news any day now xxx

    • Jenna November 19, 2016 / 7:10 pm

      I know, I cannot believe it’s my due date on Monday! I honestly didn’t think I’d still be pregnant at this point but it just goes to show that these babies call the shots! Ah thanks – I really hope she’s as sweet as that with the real baby. Oh yes, I should try gaviscon! I’m glad it’s working for you – reflux is just so horrible! Hopefully I’ll have some exciting news very soon. C’mon baby!! xxx

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