Growing a rainbow baby: 35 & 36 weeks pregnant


Well today I have made it to 37 weeks (full-term – yay!) and I’m a little late with my update of the last two weeks so here we go…

How big is Baby Button-Nose this week?

At 36 weeks, Baby Button-Nose is over 2.6kg and still piling on the weight at a rate of about 30g a day, is close to the size of a romaine lettuce. (Length: 47.4cm, head to heel.)


Mostly OK although I am finding that I’m becoming more grouchy and short tempered as the days go on. The tiredness, hormones and being generally uncomfortable is taking it’s toll on my mood.

Aside from all of that, Jasmine’s behaviour has been really challenging at times (I think she knows that change is afoot, even if she doesn’t quite understand what that change is).


A few times over the last week I’ve felt like things might be starting to happen. I’ve had period cramps most days this week. I also felt like I’m ‘opening up’ down there, as if baby could just fall out at any given moment! But I guess it’s just a pressure thing when baby is head down and engaged. It’s eased off the last couple of days so I’m wondering if Baby BN is no longer engaged again!

Pain under my ribs – particularly on my right side (I think this is where Button-Nose likes to park his/her feet!)

Acid reflux

Backache/SPD pain

Increased discharge (Yuk – sorry!)

Calf cramp

Greasy skin/dull hair (Waah!)

Night sweats have suddenly made an unwelcome return!


Braxton hicks

Tiredness. I seem to hit a brick wall in the afternoon and desperately wish I could nap. The toddler didn’t get the memo unfortunately.

Highlight of the week(s): 

Having the house deep-cleaned on Monday – I had been looking forward to this for weeks and I’m so glad we had it done. Now to just try and keep on top of it.

Whilst we had the cleaners here (for 6 hours!) I thought it would be nice to take Jasmine to the cinema for the first time. I wasn’t sure how well behaved she’d be but I figured as it was a Junior showing and only cost £3.60 for the both of us, there was no real loss if we had to leave. She was as good as gold though and sat perfectly through the whole thing – so proud of her. It made me a bit sad that we won’t get to do things like that, just us, for quite a while. I can’t wait for her to be a big sister but having another baby does feel quite bittersweet at times.

And finally, on Saturday I had a ‘day date’ with Stephen. We went to a local Thai resturant for lunch (the food was amazing) and did a bit of Christmas shopping.


Baby movements: 

It certainly feels like Button-Nose is snug in there – my tummy feels really tight. I tend to only really feel two types of movements – hiccups (low down) and feet sticking out of my right side.

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Fundal measurement: 

At 36+2 my fundal measurement was 35.5cm – that’s quite a lot of growth since my last antenatal appointment, however this measurement was taken by a different midwife.


36 week midwife appointment (home visit) – 

I had my 36 week home visit on Wednesday. I was a little sad that it wasn’t my own midwife who came out for it but this midwife (Stephanie) was equally as lovely. She was here for about an hour. She did my usual check up – wee, blood pressure, bump measurement etc. (all fine) and then talked in more detail about my birth plan and reasons I may have to transfer to hospital etc. She left a big box here full of all sorts of bits and bobs – plastic sheeting, needles, random medical bits and pieces. It all seems very real now.

She checked baby’s position and is pretty sure that they are head down with spine on the left and limbs out to the right. This fits with movements (feel hiccups very low down and kicks on my right side) so I’m confident that baby isn’t breech!

I’m able to have a homebirth from 37 weeks (so from the 31st October)!

Things I’m missing: 

The ability to tie my own shoe laces.


Rubbish. (And yes, I know the sleep situation is not going to get any better any time soon!)

Pregnancy/baby related purchases: 

I finally ordered our Chicco Next-to-Me (the cramps scared me into action) – although we’ve yet to put it up. Dare I say it, I think we have everything we need now.

I’ve also packed my ‘just in case’ hospital bags.


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  1. Avatar November 7, 2016 / 8:48 am

    Pleased to hear baby is head down and you’re all ready for baby now! I’m looking forward to reading all about your home birth. Was the midwife cool about you saying Jasmine would be at the birth?

    My baby is currently transverse… trying not to panic…yet.

    Jess xx

    • Jenna November 7, 2016 / 7:39 pm

      I must admit, I’m not totally confident that baby is head down anymore due to where I’m feeling movements but if I make it to my 38 week midwife app. on Thurs, I’m going to request a scan to put my mind at rest. Hmmm, the midwife said she’d like it if somebody else was here to look after Jasmine and whilst we have a few people on standby, chances are we won’t have anyone else here (and that’s not what I want anyway).

      Oh Jess, definitely plenty of time for that bubba of yours to turn. :) xx

      • Avatar November 7, 2016 / 8:45 pm

        I’ve got everything crossed for you that baby is, and stays, head down. Wouldn’t it be great if we laboured through the night and our little girls stayed asleep throughout, waking up in the morning to meet their new baby sibling! I am doing everything I can to encourage the baby to move, I know I shouldn’t be worrying yet but I can’t help it! xx

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