Growing a rainbow baby: 21 & 22 weeks pregnant

I didn’t bother writing a 21 week update last week as honestly? I really didn’t have a whole lot to talk about. Also, I couldn’t stand the thought of typing away on my boiling hot laptop in 30oC weather. I did remember to take my bump shot, though!

Anyways, I thought I’d combine what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks in this update. :)

How big is Baby Button-Nose this week?

At 22 weeks Baby BN is around the size of a spaghetti squash and weighs 430g. (Length: 27.8cm, head to heel.) I find it so hard to believe that my baby is this big already – the movements I can feel are still so subtle at times. My belly has definitely ‘popped’ a lot more over the last couple of weeks (I think so, anyway) and it’s actually something I’m quite self-conscious about but that’s a whole other blog post!

22 weeks (with text)


I’ve had leg (calf) cramps in the middle of the night – oh I remember them well from my last pregnancy. Ouch!

I noticed yesterday that I have spider veins appearing on my right thigh. I’ve never had these before and I have no idea when they actually appeared (I don’t spend a lot of time examining my legs) but I’m pretty sure they’re new. Apparently, they will most likely disappear once I’ve given birth.

Acid reflux – it hasn’t been particularly bad and never lasts very long so I’m pretty lucky in that respect but I do seem to get every evening at the moment.

A stuffy/bloody nose.

Bleeding gums.

A mega spotty chin.

Sore boobs and sensitive nipples. And… yesterday evening at 22+6 weeks I started leaking milk from both breasts! This didn’t happen until I was around 35 weeks with Jasmine.

I feel like I have had far more energy over the last couple of weeks which is amazing. I can now get through the day without feeling like I need to collapse on the sofa by lunch time. You can read my blog post here about how I’ve been tackling the tiredness during this pregnancy.


Pretty good – I think it’s gotta be down the lovely weather. I’m always so much happier when the sun is shining.

Highlight of the week(s): 

The moment hubby came home with two oscillating tower fans – hallelujah! I’m not going to moan about the weather because it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for summer to arrive BUT our house gets (and stays) uncomfortably hot. We’ve put one fan in Jasmine’s room (it was 30oC in there the other night) and we’re using the other one for ourselves. It’s made me a much happier preggo woman!

Baby movements: 

I’m definitely feeling kicks and wriggles more and more throughout the day. As I mentioned earlier, the movements are still quite subtle at times. Although, Stephen did manage to feel proper baby kicks last night – when he’s tried to feel them before, Baby BN has gone shy and stopped moving! The same happens every time I try to film them kicking too.

I feel like Baby BN has finally moved up a little and now I feel movements more along my waistband rather than right down low.

Food cravings: 


Food aversions: 


Things I’m missing: 



Getting plenty of sleep has been tough but that’s been down to the hot muggy nights we’ve been having. Oh and there was the night our downstairs smoke alarm decided to go off at some ungodly for no apparent reason. That was fun! :|

Pregnancy/baby related purchases: 

I bought a gorgeous secondhand Izziwotnot moses basket and stand in white. I never had one for Jasmine as I know babies grow out of them so quickly but I’d like to use it downstairs for Baby BN so that they have a safe space to sleep during the day, out of the way of my rambunctious toddler. The plan is to still get get a bedside crib for our bedroom – something like a Snuzpod or Chicco next to me. In hindsight I probably could’ve waited a while to buy a moses basket as it does take up a lot of space but I don’t see many neutral ones come up for sale on my local Facebook selling site – they’re either bright pink or blue!

4 White Gift White Wicker Moses Basket5060229211972

Other than a new mattress for the Moses Basket, which I ordered straight from Izziwotnot, I haven’t made anymore baby purchases.


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  1. Avatar July 25, 2016 / 8:38 pm

    I think your bump has popped too, you look fabulous Jenna. This heat must be tough for you though but yey for fans – they are essential for ladies pregnant in the summer months! That is a lovely moses basket too, enjoy getting ready for baby BN xx

    • Jenna July 26, 2016 / 9:51 am

      Aw, thank you Hayley. I feel far from fabulous! oh yes – I am LOVING the fans. :D xx

  2. Avatar August 25, 2016 / 7:50 pm

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