Growing a rainbow baby: 20 weeks pregnant

How big is Baby Button-Nose this week?

Baby BN has grown about as long as a small banana and weighs 300g. (From about 20 weeks baby will be measured from head to heel. Length: 16.4cm, head to bottom, and 25.6cm, head to heel.)


Not a huge amount to report on the symptoms front this week.

I had a bout of IBS on Friday evening (sorry if that’s tmi) which is pretty unpleasant at the best of times, let alone when you’re pregnant. Because of that I felt completely wiped out on Saturday and ending up sleeping for most of the day.

I’ve had a few headaches this week but I think they’ve mostly been down to the weather.



Highlight of the week: 

We had our anomaly scan on Friday (8th July) and I’m pleased to say that “everything looks as it should”. I’m very, very relieved and I’m hoping that I can now start to relax and enjoy this pregnancy a little more.

BN (20 weeks) no.1

Doesn’t it look like Baby Button Nose is blowing a bubble?!

We decided not to find out the gender which will probably shock a lot of people who know me. With Jasmine, I was so desperate to know if I was carrying a boy or a girl that I booked an early gender scan. This time I feel less fussed about knowing – there’s no nursery to decorate (until we move house which won’t be until sometime next year) and most of the bigger baby items we’ve kept from last time so there’s less to buy.

I don’t regret finding out the sex last time (I NEEDED to know, for my own sanity) but it seems less important to me this time. So yeah, #TeamYellow it is!

Food cravings: 

No food cravings but it’s been another week where I’ve felt constantly thirsty. I drink and drink and drink, to the point where I fear I may drown but it makes no difference – still thirsty! I asked a few other pregnant mamas if they feel like this too and they all said yes. I know it can be a sign of something more sinister (gestational diabetes or anemia) so I think I will ask my midwife for a blood test at my next appointment just to be on the safe side.

Food aversions: 


Things I’m missing: 



I’ve been terrible at going to bed at a reasonable hour this week and I’m paying for it. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. I think a few early nights are in order.

Pregnancy/baby related purchases: 

I’ve not ‘bought’ it exactly but I’m currently borrowing a book called “Coping with two” from the library. I’m not a huge fan of parenting books, if I’m honest, but I’ve read a few chapters of this one so far and I’ve already found myself making notes of hints and tips that may come in handy leading up to and after the birth of baby number two!


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