Jasmine’s 25 & 26 month update

It’s been a little while since I last wrote an update on Jasmine and I have to say, the first couple of months of parenting a two-year-old have been very, erm, interesting! I’ll get the negative bit out of the way because I don’t want to dwell on it. The couple of weeks leading up to and after Jasmine’s 2nd birthday (so we’re talking a month or so in total) almost broke me. She was having tantrums almost constantly throughout the day – and I mean full on screaming/kicking/biting tantrums. She could go from zero to ten in a split second and we both (my husband and I) found it very hard to deal with. Thankfully, after a few weeks of this behaviour it seemed to peter out – she still has her moments, don’t get me wrong – but the tantrums are far less frequent and intense.

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Her nighttime sleeping has been a little all over the place and for a while she woke up crying several times a night. Lately, that hasn’t been such a problem either but now we’re having issues when we put her to bed. She seems to have some kind of separation anxiety in the evenings. The moment we leave the room at night she starts to cry – we often have to go back in and settle her 5-10 times but eventually she does fall asleep. She seems to be (mostly) fine at nap times and still sleeps from 1pm until around 3pm.

Jasmine’s been a lot better at meal times lately, too. There are still days where she will flat out refuse to eat dinner (in which case she goes without) but on the whole she has returned to eating well. She nearly always has double helpings of lunch when she’s at nursery. I find that she is hungriest in the morning and can often end up having 2-3 breakfasts (and then still wants to steal some of mine!)

She still has 5oz milk in the afternoon and another 4oz at bedtime. We had to cut her quantity of bedtime milk down because she was waking up with a leaky nappy almost every single morning.

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Jasmine is still infatuated with a little boy called Owen (from her nursery). And talks about him every single day. Even whilst we were on holiday in Lanzarote and she hadn’t seen him for over a week, she would still mention him every day. It must be love?!

Aside from the tantrums we had on holiday (and there were LOTS) we had a really lovely time. Jasmine’s favourite thing to do was go swimming and over the course of we week we watched her confidence grow. We’re trying to keep up with swimming regularly now that we’re back at home to keep the confidence and enthusiasm going. She loved going to the beach too but was very fearful of the sea. Instead of paddling in the water, she much preferred to chase birds around, trying to feed them fistfuls of sand (?!)

Jasmine’s current obsession is playing “hide seek” – all she wants to do is hide around the house from mummy and daddy. The only problem is that she giggles far too much and gives the game away – either that or she puts her finger to her mouth and goes “Shhhhhhhh”… really loudly. We pretend not to find her, of course, and eventually she cannot take it anymore and jumps out from wherever she’s hiding whilst shouting “FOUND YOU!”. She often asks to hide from Daddy an hour or so before he’s even due to leave work. This means I’ve spent a lot of time under tables and down the side of sofas recently.

Jasmine has recently taken a dislike to brushing her teeth. She does have her second set of bottom molars coming through which could explain why…. or it could just be another way for her to assert her independence. I bought a battery powered toothbrush for her after somebody suggested it. Now I have the opposite problem – I can’t get the damn thing off of her!

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In the last update I mentioned that Jasmine hadn’t really started putting words together yet but since then her speech has come a long, long way. She’ll now put 3-4 words together. For example, the other day we were having a insect hunt in the garden and she called out “Bugs, where are you?!”

She loves to count. But her counting goes like this: “Two… Nine… Six… Six”. Every single time.

She also likes to point out colours of things – she gets ‘blue’ and ‘green’ right most of the time but everything else is ‘pink’ according to her.

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Here’s some phrases and words Jasmine says a lot at the moment…

“Awww cute…. hug?” – about pretty much anything we see. This morning she wanted to hug her t-shirt before putting it on.

“Catch?” – Jasmine often wants to chase things she sees – unfortunately, that includes birds, planes and buses.

“Wakey wakey, Mummy!”

“Climb it?” – typical two year old – she wants to climb on everything.

“Me do it, Mummy!” – Little Miss Independent! ;)

“I don’t like it” – Oh, I’m absolutely thrilled she knows how to say this. NOT!

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Likes: Playing in the garden, her bubble machine, Owen, Bunny, Peter Rabbit, dinosaurs, swimming, pasta, playing hide and seek, jumping (another new trick), reading books, ‘washing up’.

Dislikes: Being in her pushchair or carseat, brushing her teeth, the sea, bedtime.

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