Grobag Baby Sleep Bag Review*

I’d be surprised if there were many new parents out there who haven’t heard of the Gro Company. When I was pregnant, one of the very first baby items I bought was the GroEgg, which is a room thermometer that changes colour to allows you easily gauge the temperature of your baby’s room helping you to then dress baby accordingly. Since then, we have been huge fans of the Gro Company so when we were asked if we would like to review one of their Grobag baby sleeping bags – well, it was a no brainer!

We were sent the Candy Cloud Grobag in size 6-18months. It’s a 2.5 tog sleeping bag which is suitable for all year round. Upon receiving the Grobabg, I immediately fell in love the striking brightly coloured design. Straight away you can feel the quality – the material is 100% jersey cotton which is filled with quick dry polyester.

The main reason why I prefer Grobags over any other baby sleeping bags on the market is that I feel like every little detail has been carefully considered. From the side zip (great for quick nappy changes) which is cleverly concealed with a popper button to the shoulder poppers which allow me to easily do it up with a wriggly Jasmine inside without having to bend her arms in awkward position to put them through the arm holes.

The sleeping bag is a snug fit in all the right places – after all, the whole point of using a sleeping bag instead of blankets is that it’s much safer as there’s no risk of it covering baby’s face while they sleep. And yet there is still plenty of room for my little lady to grow into and I know she’ll be using this Grobag for quite some time yet.

It’s so nice to have peace of mind at night, knowing Jasmine is warm, snug and safe in her Grobag. If it weren’t for Grobags, I think I would be a bit of a nervous wreck when it came to bedtimes!

I honestly can’t fault this product at all, as I said before, we were already huge fans of the Gro Company products and I know we will always use Grobags for Jasmine until the time comes when she’s ready for a big kid bed and duvet!

The Candy Cloud Grobag is available in  1.5 and 2.5 tog and available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months.

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*We were sent the Grobag in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. Avatar December 8, 2014 / 1:01 pm

    She is soooo cute! I LOVE Gro bags too. I have always used them on my twins and am such a fan. Thanks for the post. Jess x

    • Avatar December 8, 2014 / 4:33 pm

      Heh, thanks hun. Glad to hear you're a fan of Gro bags too. :) xx

  2. Avatar December 8, 2014 / 2:31 pm

    Lovely! I really like grobags too, they are so snuggle, love the design of this one xx

    • Avatar December 8, 2014 / 4:34 pm

      Thanks, Julia. Personally, I think Gro need to make adult ones too, I'm always so jealous of Jasmine when she's in hers! It is a cool design – we've got a few different ones now and I love them all. xx

  3. Avatar December 8, 2014 / 2:50 pm

    I absolutely love gro bags, I do find them a little more on the expensive side than some other options out there. Although I can't knock their quality and they are worth the money tbh. I have found a few in tkmaxx for some good prices so worth watching out there! Xxxx

    • Avatar December 8, 2014 / 4:38 pm

      I agree with you about the price and initially I did put Jasmine in a cheaper version of sleeping bag but it really wasn't as good (or lasted as long) so I guess you do get what you pay for. I always think of them as an investment now, since they will probably last long enough to use for a future children. I always check in TKMaxx for a bargain too! ;) xx

  4. Avatar December 8, 2014 / 8:40 pm

    Being the mother of the worlds most wriggly sleeper, I love gro bags! Lucy was waking in the night because she was cold and this helps her to sleep through til morning.
    We have one of their eggs too! With an owl covering :-) which incidentally are not straighteners proof… oops!

    • Avatar December 8, 2014 / 9:24 pm

      Haha, I have a wriggly sleeper too! :) Anything that helps baby sleep through the night is definitely a good thing!

      Ohh, I never did get a cover for ours – I love the owl one. xx

  5. Avatar December 9, 2014 / 10:17 am

    Aww!! How adorable! These are just fantastic! Great for wriggly sleepers x

    • Avatar December 9, 2014 / 2:45 pm

      Thanks, Kim! They certainly are! :) xx

  6. Avatar December 9, 2014 / 10:25 am

    We have used Grobags with all 3 kids, and Max is still using one now. They are fantastic! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    • Avatar December 9, 2014 / 2:46 pm

      They're brilliant, aren't they? It's fab that you've used them for all 3 kids too. :) xx

  7. Avatar December 9, 2014 / 10:44 am

    Oh, so cute :) We just got a Gro bag from TKmaxx last weekend and we love it Their designs are well worth the money xx

    • Avatar December 9, 2014 / 2:47 pm

      Thanks, Barbara! They do have some brilliant designs – I'm always on the look out for new ones in our local TKMaxx. xx

  8. Avatar December 9, 2014 / 11:01 am

    I love grobags, they are amazing especially for wiggely babies, I wouldn't be without Boo's. #triedtested

    • Avatar December 9, 2014 / 2:47 pm

      Oh snap with the wiggly baby! :) xx

  9. Avatar December 9, 2014 / 12:36 pm

    She looks so cute in her Grobag! I just couldn't be without ours, they are such a great investment for babies. You are right they are so well thought out and that makes the difference xx

    • Avatar December 9, 2014 / 2:49 pm

      Thanks, Hayley – she loves it. It's nice seeing her so snug. They're definitely a worthwhile investment. When it comes to something that a baby is going to sleep in, quality is so, so important. :) xx

  10. Avatar December 9, 2014 / 7:12 pm

    Ah she looks so cute, I love gro bags Joe had one similar they are so much safer than duvets I love them x

    • Avatar December 9, 2014 / 9:29 pm

      Thanks, Sarah. It's so reassuring to know she's sleeping safe at night – she'll be in Grobags for as long as poss! xx

  11. Avatar December 10, 2014 / 12:21 am

    She looks so happy to be in there!
    I would love to put O in a sleeping bag but he cannot sleep with his feet covered (can't blame him, I'm the same!) and always wriggles out from under the blankets so I've taken to adding extra layers of clothing just to keep him warm. I swear he looks like the Michelin man some nights lol

    • Avatar December 10, 2014 / 10:30 am

      Oh bless him – I'm the opposite, can't stand my feet to be out of the covers!! xx

  12. Avatar December 11, 2014 / 2:05 pm

    I swear by Gro bags too and as soon as Elsie is big enough she will be in one! x

    • Avatar December 11, 2014 / 3:03 pm

      They're awesome aren't they? :) xx

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