We all know that ‘sharing is caring’ so that’s why I’m going to tell you about 5 of my favourite local small businesses that are based in and around the Bristol area. From the best place to eat out with the kids to where to get your dog groomed, I’ve got it covered…

1) Little Giggles Soft Play

Little Giggles opened up in Yate (BS37) just over a year ago and we are regular visitors there. It’s very different to any other soft play centres we’ve been to (and in my almost-4-years of parenthood, we’ve been to a fair few!) The equipment is best suited to under-5s and the entire layout is open plan so playing along with your children (or keeping an eye on them from the cafe) is much easier. Little Giggles is a family-run business and I am always so impressed with how much the owners listen to feedback from the parents and carers who use their softplay. They’re always changing and adapting the centre accordingly, and always striving to make every visit fun and memorable. Read more...

It’s almost a year to the day that I interviewed Jasmine and it was such a lot of fun to do. I decided I would do it every year so here we are, back again with another interview. I’ve kept to the same questions and it’s amazing to see how much J’s understanding and speech has come along in the last 12 months.

1) How old are you, Jasmine?

*holds up three fingers*

“Um, three!”

Me: How old are you going to be on your next birthday?


2) What’s your favourite bedtime story?

Until recently I never knew that altruistic egg donation was a ‘thing’. The act of donating some of your eggs to somebody/a couple, in order for them to have the fertility treatment they need to conceive a much-longed-for child.

Donating to give them hope.

Donating to give them a chance.

Not for any financial gain.

Or in return for something else.

Donating because it’s a kind, selfless thing to do.

I’ve been following the story of Jules and Amber over on Channel Mum (Amber has donated her eggs to Jules, who is currently in her Two Week Wait after her embryo transfer!) And ever since I heard about Amber’s donation, I keep thinking about whether or not I, too, could donate my eggs. Read more...

Oh my goodness, it seems like such a long time since I did a ‘catch up’ kind of post on this here blog of mine. Even though I’ve massively stepped back from blogging (due to lack of time, mainly), this evening I’ve had the writing itch. In years to come, when I sit down and look through my blog, I’ll wonder what the heck I was up to during the massive gap between my posts. It’s also quite nice to have a bit of ‘brain dump’ every now and again, isn’t it? Read more...

Around about this time last year, I had an (almost cooked) bambino growing inside of me and I was frantically searching for the ‘perfect’ travel system in time for their arrival. I had 3 main criteria:

1) it had to cost no more than £500

2) it had to fit in our VW Polo (which doesn’t have a particularly big boot)

3) it had to last. As much as I love buying pushchairs, my husband would not have been impressed if we’d needed to buy a new one as soon as baby got a bit bigger. We were looking for a pushchair that would work for a newborn and then eventually an older toddler. Read more...